We provide it, to those who other would have none.

AIRBNB Hard Money Loans.

Are you an AIRBNB rental property developer in need of financing? We can help. We provide no-nonsense loans for AIRBNB properties. We’re more than just a lender – we’re a partner.

AirBNB is having a huge impact on how travelers find places to stay. Many entrepreneurs are investing in vacation properties, with the intent of offering them as short term rentals. Last year, homeowners who rent out their homes on said many of them pay more than half their mortgage with rental income. If you’re a property developer who does so with the intent of renting the property on AIRBNB – then we can help you.

Financing the purchase of AIRBNB properties is a challenge

Lender’s don’t like making large loans on investment properties for AIRBNB. Fannie Mae’s cutoff is $417,000 and most other lenders max out at $624k. Many banks don’t like offering a secondary loan on top of a Fannie Mae loan. Part of the issue is banks have no data for vacancy rates on a piece of property. Also, appraisers and underwriters will not take into account short term rental rates – when looking at your investment into a rental property. This means that even though the investment is ideal for AirBNB you may not get financing. Even though the homes are ideal, for short term rental, they are undervalued by the underwriter with regard to their potential to generate revenue – and thus your ability to pay the mortgage is underestimated as well.

As a second home buyer, you’re in a catch-22. If a lender labels a second home as not being a source of profit, then this is a problem when they look at your ability to pay the mortgage payment on the home. The result is that your debt-to-income ratio will be above the target of 40-45% that is needed to obtain a mortgage.


Owners often find themselves debating whether long-term or short term rentals are a good idea. Short term rentals generate more revenue, but are expensive to operate due to the expense of cleaning, restocking toiletries, as well furnishings. In the past short term rentals were too inefficient. You also had to think about the advertising expenses associated with the rental property. Short term rentals are now exploding in popularity. For the price of a good hotel room, travelers can stay in full sized houses.


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