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Are you looking for the lowest auto loan rates? If you’re considering a place to borrow money, there are many great resources in Long Island to help. Many lenders will offer auto and vehicle loan financing options for new and pre-owned vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. The financing you take from any of the trusted lenders on our website can be used at dealerships across Long Island.

All Long Island auto loan lenders are top rated, with excellent rates, no junk application fees, flexible terms, and the opportunity to refinance and lower your vehicle payments. You can even use the equity in your vehicle to consolidate debt.

How to finance a car, step by step guide

It’s common for car buyers to put most of their effort and time into finding the perfect car but forgetting about the fact they need financing. Getting the right vehicle is important, but you need to be able to pay it off. Getting a bad car finance deal can literally force you to pay extra each month, and could potentially wreck your credit history for years. Getting a bad car finance deal can force you you to pay extra each month, or wreck your credit history. Your loan payment is just one piece of the cost of owning a car. It has to fit into your budget. At the same time, you need to pay down the balance and make sure you can realistically attain it. You really must do your homework, and make sure you can afford both the monthly payment and the overall term of the payment. It’s common for car buyers to put off thoughts of Long Island auto loan rates until they are in the car dealership’s office.

Don’t do that.

First, speak to a qualified Long Island car loan rate lender, who can help you avoid potential financial calamity. Smart car buyers know how much the vehicle they can afford is, and have a plan in place to finance their new ride before they think about heading into a dealership. Some people take dealership financing – but this type of financing isn’t always the best or cheapest. Often, private long island auto loan lenders can have lower rates.

Before you take a Long Island auto loan, here are some general things to consider.

Learn the the finance terms likely to be used when you’re looking for a car loan. Understand what your credit score is, and why it matters that you’re financing a car. Learn where, and how, to get an amount of car financing you can actually afford. Get prepapproved from a private lender and then compare it to the offer from a car dealership.

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