Bakersfield Fix and Flip Loans

Smart real estate investors are eyeing fix-and-flip opportunities in Bakersfield, CA. Bakersfield offers all the benefits of Southern California, like sunshine, warm weather, and beautiful mountain peaks, while giving residents freedom from L.A. traffic, smog, and expense. Even more importantly for the fix-and-flip investor, its economy and real estate market are surging.

Bakersfield is growing, and so is its demand for updated homes. That means big money for fix-and-flip properties. Many Bakersfield homes need work, and that means they’re low priced. Enterprising real estate investors are making a killing buying these homes, completing the rehab and renovations, and flipping them onto Bakersfield’s hot housing market.

What’s the best way to profit from this trend?

Investors are making big money in Bakersfield with fix-and-flip loans. Unlike conventional mortgages, fix-and-flip loans are designed for buying investment homes that need work. The entire purpose of the loan is to renovate a home and sell it quick for maximum profit. Does that sound like what you need?

If you are in the real estate business to make big money quick or thinking about getting in on the fix-and-flip opportunities in Bakersfield, it is the only way to go.

How fix-and-flip loans differ from traditional mortgage loans

Fix-and-flip loans are about the investment opportunity. Lenders designed traditional mortgage loans for families who want to buy a home and live in it for a long time—usually five years to several decades. Looking at the loan from this perspective, the lender is primarily concerned with the borrower(s), not the property. Sure, the traditional lender wants an appraisal, but that’s usually a formality. The lender really cares about whether the borrower can afford the payments and if borrower will have a stable income stream to keep paying for many years into the future.

Because of this, the traditional lender looks at income, job history, and credit score. If the borrower meets the lender’s criteria on these counts, then the lender doesn’t care a whole lot what house the borrower buys. So long as the house fits the price range the borrower qualifies for, the lender is happy to give the loan.

Fix-and-flip loans take the inverse perspective. The borrower’s income, job history, and credit are out the window. The lender often doesn’t even look at them. Why does the fix-and-flip lender avoid using these criteria? Because they have no impact on a short-term, fix-and-flip loan.

A fix-and-flip loan is designed for a very short term, usually less than a year. The term is based on the length of time needed to renovate the home and sell it. The fix-and-flip lender has no interest in whether the borrower can pay on the loan for the next three decades. What matters is whether the borrower can make a profit.

A fix-and-flip loan is about the deal, not the borrower’s credit. The approval criteria consists primarily of the cost of buying the property, the cost of renovating the property, and the sales price after repairs. The lender calculates these numbers and determines if they add up to a profit. If it’s a money maker, the loan’s a go. If not, the lender turns it down because a loan on a losing deal puts the lender at risk.

How to apply

If you are in the fix-and-flip business, you need to locate a lender you trust. Success depends on having a lender that is experienced in this type of loan. Speed matters when it comes to fix-and-flip loans. The competition won’t wait. Neither can you.

First step, locate a fix-and-flip lender with expertise in the Bakersfield market, like Delancey Street. Then find your winning deal and get your loan application in right away. Lender’s like Delancey Street approve loans at lightning speed. They do this because your completion are also trying to get hold of the same property. Expert lenders know if you have a winner, and if you do, you get the green light and the property before your competition.

Do you need a down payment?

If you have a winning deal, you don’t need to worry about coming up with a down payment. Unlike traditional mortgages, fix-and-flip lenders give loans on the after repaired value (ARV). The ARV equals the price at which you flip the house. Because fix-and-flip loans are provided on an ARV basis, you not only don’t need a down payment, but you can get cash from the loan proceeds to complete the repairs.

It’s this kind of profit-oriented lending that makes the fix-and-flip market in Bakersfield so profitable. It takes some work to find good fix-and-flip opportunities and to complete the renovation on that golden fix-and-flip opportunity. Though you have to expel some sweat, you don’t need a big bankroll or a perfect FICO score. You need the drive to succeed and a dedicated fix-and-flip lender behind you.f

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