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Best Bronx County, New York Financial Advisors

Finding the right financial advisor in Bronx County, New York can be a game-changer for your financial well-being. Whether you are planning for retirement, managing investments, or seeking advice on complex financial matters, choosing a competent advisor is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top financial advisors in Bronx County, highlighting their services, client reviews, and contact information to help you make an informed decision.

What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Choosing the right financial advisor involves more than just a quick Google search. You need to consider various factors to ensure you’re getting the best advice tailored to your needs. Start by checking their credentials; look for designations such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), or Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA). These certifications indicate a high level of expertise and commitment to ethical practices.

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Experience is another critical factor. Advisors with several years of experience are more likely to have encountered a wide range of financial scenarios, equipping them to handle your unique situation effectively. Additionally, consider their fee structure. Some advisors charge a flat fee, while others take a percentage of your assets under management. Make sure their fees are transparent and within your budget.

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Top Financial Advisors in Bronx County

1. Oxler Private Wealth

Located at 800 Westchester Ave, Suite 641N, Rye Brook, NY, Oxler Private Wealth is renowned for its personalized approach to wealth management. Led by Masa Yamazaki, a Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA®), the firm specializes in comprehensive financial and estate planning. Masa’s empathetic and patient approach, combined with over two decades of experience, makes Oxler Private Wealth a top choice for many clients.

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2. Edelman Financial Engines

Edelman Financial Engines has been a trusted name in financial planning since 1986. With a mission to provide accessible financial advice to all American investors, they have over 180 offices across the country. Their Bronx office, located at 1130 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY, offers personalized financial planning and investment advice.

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3. Merrill® Financial Solutions Advisors

Situated at 193 W 237th St, Bronx, NY, Merrill® Financial Solutions Advisors offer a wide range of financial services, including retirement planning, investment management, and personalized financial advice. Elaine Delancer, a seasoned Financial Solutions Advisor, is known for her client-centric approach and comprehensive financial planning.

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4. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC

With several experienced advisors like Peter Canale and Miguel Colon, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC is a significant player in the Bronx financial advisory landscape. They offer services from multiple locations, including 3775 Riverdale Avenue and 76 East 161st Street, Bronx, NY.

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5. Ahad&Co CPA

Ahad&Co CPA offers specialized financial advisory services with a focus on small businesses and individual tax planning. Located at 2153 Westchester Ave, Suite 200, Bronx, NY, they have received high praise for their personalized and effective financial solutions.

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Highlighted Reviews

Oxler Private Wealth

One client shared, “Masa Yamazaki’s approach to financial planning is both thorough and empathetic. He takes the time to understand my goals and aligns his advice accordingly. His expertise and patience make him stand out in the crowded field of financial advisors.”

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Edelman Financial Engines

“Edelman Financial Engines has transformed my approach to investment. Their comprehensive planning and commitment to my financial well-being are unparalleled. I’ve never felt more confident about my financial future,” said another satisfied client.

Merrill® Financial Solutions Advisors

“Elaine Delancer at Merrill® has been a guiding light for my family’s financial planning. Her detailed approach and willingness to go the extra mile have made all the difference. Highly recommend her services,” a client review noted.

J.P. Morgan Securities LLC

“Working with Peter Canale at J.P. Morgan has been a game-changer. His deep understanding of the market and tailored advice have significantly improved my investment portfolio. Trustworthy and highly knowledgeable,” said a longtime client.

Ahad&Co CPA

“Ahad&Co CPA has been instrumental in optimizing my business’s financial health. Their personalized service and attention to detail have been exceptional. I highly recommend their services for any small business owner,” shared a satisfied customer.

Credentials and Expertise

When selecting a financial advisor, it’s crucial to ensure they have the appropriate credentials and expertise. Look for advisors with certifications like CFP, CFA, or CIMA. These credentials signify that the advisor has undergone rigorous training and adheres to high ethical standards.

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Additionally, consider the advisor’s experience. Advisors with a significant number of years in the industry are likely to have dealt with a variety of financial situations, providing them with the insight needed to handle your unique needs.

Table of Recommended Financial Advisors in Bronx County, NY

Advisor Location Phone Specialties Website
Oxler Private Wealth 800 Westchester Ave, Suite 641N, Rye Brook (212) 785-2860 Wealth Management, Estate Planning Oxler Private Wealth
Edelman Financial Engines 1130 RXR Plaza, Uniondale (516) 252-1387 Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Advice Edelman Financial Engines
Merrill® Financial Solutions Advisors 193 W 237th St, Bronx (914) 768-1163 Retirement Planning, Investment Management Merrill Financial Solutions Advisors
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC 3775 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx (718) 549-9800 Investment Advisory, Wealth Management J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
Ahad&Co CPA 2153 Westchester Ave, Suite 200, Bronx (929) 371-9915 Tax Planning, Small Business Advisory Ahad&Co CPA


Choosing the right financial advisor is a critical step in achieving your financial goals. Bronx County, New York offers a variety of experienced and highly qualified financial advisors who can provide tailored advice and support. Whether you are looking for comprehensive financial planning, wealth management, or specialized tax services, the advisors listed above come highly recommended by their clients. By considering their credentials, experience, and client reviews, you can find the advisor that best suits your needs and start on the path to financial success.

For more detailed reviews and additional options, visit Wiseradvisor, Finance Strategists, and Wealthminder.

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