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Best Denver, Colorado Business Debt Counselors

Understanding Business Debt Counseling

In the bustling city of Denver, Colorado, managing business debt effectively can mean the difference between thriving and struggling. Business debt counselors provide invaluable assistance in negotiating with creditors, consolidating debt, and creating viable repayment plans. When looking for the best business debt counselors, it’s crucial to consider their credentials, experience, and customer reviews. Let’s dive into some of the top-rated business debt counselors in Denver.

Top Business Debt Counselors in Denver

Trident Debt Solutions

Trident Debt Solutions offers comprehensive debt relief services tailored to business owners. They are highly rated on BBB with an A+ rating, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction. The team specializes in debt consolidation, debt management, and financial counseling.

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Contact Information:

Harvest Strategy Group Inc

Harvest Strategy Group is another highly reputable firm in Denver, offering strategic debt management and credit counseling services. They are known for their tailored solutions that address the specific needs of businesses.

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GreenPath Financial Wellness

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a national non-profit organization with a branch in Denver, providing expert advice on debt management and financial planning. They hold an A+ rating from BBB, underscoring their reliable service and customer satisfaction.

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Law Office of William Hadden Zimmerling

For businesses facing legal debt recovery challenges, the Law Office of William Hadden Zimmerling offers specialized legal services. They are known for their effective debt recovery strategies and comprehensive legal support.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: (720) 443-4127
  • Address: 3200 Cherry Creek South Drive, Suite 650, Denver, CO 80209
  • Website: William Hadden Zimmerling

Credit Advisors Council

Credit Advisors Council provides credit repair and debt counseling services. They are particularly useful for businesses looking to improve their credit scores while managing debt effectively.

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Key Considerations When Choosing a Debt Counselor

When selecting a business debt counselor, consider the following:

  • Credentials and Certifications: Ensure the counselor is certified by reputable organizations.
  • Experience: Look for counselors with a proven track record in handling business debts.
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews and ratings on platforms like Yelp and BBB can provide insights into the quality of service.
  • Transparency: A good counselor will be transparent about their fees and the services they offer.

Detailed Reviews and Client Experiences

Trident Debt Solutions: A Client’s Perspective

Clients of Trident Debt Solutions often praise their professionalism and effectiveness. One reviewer noted how Trident helped them consolidate multiple business loans into a manageable repayment plan, significantly reducing their monthly financial burden.

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Review Excerpt: “Trident Debt Solutions transformed our chaotic debt situation into a structured repayment plan, giving us peace of mind and allowing us to focus on growing our business.”

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Harvest Strategy Group: Strategic and Personalized

Harvest Strategy Group is lauded for their personalized approach. Clients appreciate the strategic plans tailored to their unique financial situations, which often lead to successful debt management and improved financial health.

Review Excerpt: “The team at Harvest Strategy Group took the time to understand our specific needs and crafted a plan that worked perfectly for us. Their strategic approach is second to none.”

GreenPath Financial Wellness: Trusted Non-Profit Support

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a favorite among business owners for their non-profit status and customer-centric approach. They provide extensive resources and support to ensure businesses not only manage their debts but also achieve long-term financial wellness.

Review Excerpt: “GreenPath’s counselors were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. Their non-profit approach made us feel they genuinely cared about our financial well-being.”

William Hadden Zimmerling: Legal Expertise

For businesses entangled in legal debt issues, William Hadden Zimmerling offers robust legal support. Clients value their straightforward, results-driven approach that ensures debts are recovered efficiently through legal means.

Review Excerpt: “Zimmerling’s legal expertise was exactly what we needed. They were upfront about what to expect and delivered on their promises. Our debt recovery process was smooth and effective.”

Credit Advisors Council: Comprehensive Credit Repair

Credit Advisors Council helps businesses not only manage their debts but also repair their credit. Clients often highlight the noticeable improvements in their credit scores and the comprehensive advice provided by the counselors.

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Review Excerpt: “Credit Advisors Council helped us repair our credit while managing our debts. Their holistic approach was exactly what we needed to get back on track.”

Credentials to Look For

When evaluating a business debt counselor, look for the following credentials:

  • Certified Debt Specialist (CDS): Certification from the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).
  • Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC): Certification from the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE).
  • Certified Credit Counselor (CCC): Certification from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).


Choosing the right business debt counselor in Denver can significantly impact your financial health and business success. By considering the credentials, experience, and customer reviews, you can find a counselor who will provide the support and guidance needed to manage and overcome debt effectively.

Here is a summary of the top-rated business debt counselors in Denver, Colorado:

Business Name Contact Information Address Rating
Trident Debt Solutions (303) 872-8492, Website 1444 Stuart St, Denver, CO 80204-1245 A+
Harvest Strategy Group Inc (303) 531-0631, Website 1580 Lincoln St. #600, Denver, CO 80203 A+
GreenPath Financial Wellness (866) 294-2962, Website 650 S Cherry St, Denver, CO 80246-1801 A+
William Hadden Zimmerling (720) 443-4127, Website 3200 Cherry Creek South Drive, Suite 650, Denver, CO 80209 A+
Credit Advisors Council (720) 440-7770, Website 1550 Wewatta St Ste 300, Denver, CO 80202 NR

By taking the time to choose the right debt counselor, you can pave the way for a more stable and prosperous financial future for your business.

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