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Best Nassau County, New York Financial Advisors

Understanding What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor is a significant decision that can profoundly impact your financial health. It’s essential to consider various factors when selecting an advisor. Firstly, look for a fiduciary advisor; fiduciaries are legally obligated to act in your best interest, providing unbiased advice without the influence of commissions. This commitment ensures that the advice you receive is tailored to your needs rather than the advisor’s financial gain.

Credentials are another critical factor. Seek advisors with designations such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). These certifications require rigorous exams and continuous education, ensuring the advisor’s proficiency in financial planning and ethical standards. Additionally, consider the advisor’s experience and areas of expertise. Some advisors specialize in retirement planning, while others may focus on estate planning or investment management.

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Understanding the fee structure is crucial. Advisors can be fee-only, charging a flat fee or a percentage of assets under management, or fee-based, which includes commissions on products they sell. Fee-only advisors typically offer more transparent and unbiased advice. It’s also beneficial to assess the range of services offered. Comprehensive financial planning, investment management, tax planning, and estate planning are some services that can provide a holistic approach to managing your finances.

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Finally, personal rapport matters. You’ll share personal financial details with your advisor, so it’s essential to feel comfortable and trust their judgment. Conduct interviews with potential advisors to gauge their communication style and willingness to address your concerns. A good advisor should be a good listener, empathetic, and capable of explaining complex financial concepts in understandable terms.

Top Financial Advisors in Nassau County

R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc.

Address: 500 North Broadway, Suite 166, Jericho, NY 11753
Contact: (631) 878-2700
Specialties: Comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, investment management
Credentials: CFP®, MS, CSA™, RFG℠

R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc. stands out for its comprehensive approach to financial planning. Founded on a “client first” culture, this firm offers tailored financial strategies to meet unique client needs. The team includes highly credentialed professionals like Ronald W. Rogé, MS, CFP®, and Rosanne Rogé, CSA™, RFG℠, CFP®. They emphasize a holistic planning process that covers all aspects of financial life, from retirement to estate planning.

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Clients appreciate the firm’s commitment to clarity and simplicity, eliminating complexities and empowering clients to make informed decisions. The firm’s Plan, Achieve, Live® process is a proprietary methodology designed to help clients achieve their financial goals while providing peace of mind during life’s challenges. The firm has received accolades for its personalized service and long-term client relationships.

Fidelity Investments – Plainview Investor Center

Address: 1551 Old Country Road, Plainview, NY 11803
Contact: 800-343-3548
Specialties: Investment management, retirement planning, wealth management
Credentials: FPWA, FBS

Fidelity Investments in Plainview offers a broad range of financial services, including investment management and retirement planning. Known for its robust digital tools and comprehensive service offerings, Fidelity provides a blend of online resources and personalized advisory services. The Plainview Investor Center, managed by Lucia Ciraolo, offers financial planning by appointment, allowing clients to collaborate closely with advisors on tailored investment strategies.

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Fidelity’s extensive product range, from mutual funds and ETFs to annuities and life insurance, caters to diverse financial needs. Their commitment to security, straightforward pricing, and extensive FDIC and SIPC coverage provide clients with a sense of security and trust. With ample parking and convenient office hours, the Plainview center is accessible for local clients seeking personalized financial guidance.

Morgan Stanley – Eastern Long Island Market

Address: 58 South Service Road, Suite 160, Melville, NY 11747
Contact: (631) 755-0500
Specialties: Wealth management, investment banking, retirement planning
Credentials: CFP®, CIMA®, CFA®

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Morgan Stanley’s Eastern Long Island Market office in Melville is renowned for its wealth management services. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of services, including investment banking, retirement planning, and estate planning. Their team of advisors, many of whom hold advanced credentials like CFP®, CIMA®, and CFA®, are equipped to handle complex financial needs.

Clients appreciate Morgan Stanley’s personalized approach, leveraging the firm’s extensive resources to provide tailored financial solutions. The firm emphasizes long-term relationships, working closely with clients to navigate their financial journeys. With a robust digital platform and a team of experienced professionals, Morgan Stanley offers both the personal touch and the technological advantages that clients value.

Client Reviews and Experiences

Reviews for R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc.

Clients consistently praise R.W. Rogé & Company for their professionalism and personalized service. Jerry and Laura K., long-term clients since 2009, commend the firm’s work ethic and assistance. Arthur and Margaret T., who have been with the firm for over 20 years, highlight the compassion and knowledge of the advisors, which have made their lives significantly less stressful.

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Reviews for Fidelity Investments

Fidelity clients often highlight the firm’s extensive resources and reliable customer service. The Plainview Investor Center is particularly noted for its accessibility and the expertise of its advisors. Clients appreciate the comprehensive financial planning services and the firm’s commitment to helping them achieve their financial goals.

Reviews for Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s Melville office receives high marks for its personalized service and the depth of expertise among its advisors. Clients value the firm’s ability to offer sophisticated financial solutions and the personalized attention they receive. The long-term relationships fostered by Morgan Stanley’s advisors are a testament to the firm’s commitment to client satisfaction.


Selecting the right financial advisor in Nassau County requires careful consideration of credentials, fee structures, and personal rapport. R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc., Fidelity Investments, and Morgan Stanley offer exemplary services, each with unique strengths to meet diverse financial needs. Evaluating these options based on your specific requirements and preferences can help you make an informed decision, ensuring a secure and prosperous financial future.

Contact Information

Firm Address Contact Website
R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc. 500 North Broadway, Suite 166, Jericho, NY (631) 878-2700
Fidelity Investments 1551 Old Country Road, Plainview, NY 11803 800-343-3548
Morgan Stanley 58 South Service Road, Suite 160, Melville, NY (631) 755-0500

This table provides a summary of the contact information for the top financial advisors in Nassau County, making it easier for you to reach out and start your journey towards financial security.

For more detailed reviews and insights, visit NerdWallet, R.W. Rogé & Company, and Fidelity Investments.

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