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Best Sacramento County, California Turnaround Management Firms

Turnaround management is crucial for businesses facing financial distress. Sacramento County, California, is home to several esteemed firms specializing in this area. Below, we delve into the top firms, their services, client reviews, and contact information, all presented in a comprehensive, engaging, and informative manner.

California Turnaround Group

Overview: California Turnaround Group (CTG) is a boutique firm founded and managed by Rafael Sanchez, a former VP of Commercial Banking. CTG focuses on family-owned and closely-held businesses, offering strategic, data-driven solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. Services include full-service turnaround advisory, restructuring, workouts, crisis management, and succession planning​​.

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  • Turnaround Advisory
  • Restructuring
  • Workouts
  • Crisis Management
  • Succession Planning

Client Reviews: Clients laud Rafael Sanchez for his precision and strategic approach. One CEO of a national construction company noted, “Rafael helped us restructure our primary credit facilities and secure PPP loans during COVID, ensuring our profitability”​​. Another client from the food service industry praised his long-term strategic guidance and ability to adapt advice to both expansion and cost-cutting phases.

Contact Information:


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Service Description Contact
Turnaround Advisory Comprehensive strategic guidance for distressed businesses CTG
Restructuring Financial and operational restructuring CTG
Workouts Negotiating workout agreements with lenders CTG
Crisis Management Immediate and effective crisis handling CTG
Succession Planning Planning for future generational success CTG
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California Strategies, LLC

Overview: California Strategies, LLC, is a full-service public affairs consulting firm with a robust turnaround management component. They navigate clients through California’s complex political, legislative, and regulatory environments. The firm offers strategic communications, real estate and land use consultancy, and environmental and transportation solutions​​.


  • Strategic Communications
  • Real Estate & Land Use
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Environment & Natural Resources

Client Reviews: California Strategies is praised for their expertise in public-private partnerships and their ability to manage high-stakes political campaigns. Their team, including partners like Anthony Brunello and Jesse Cuevas, is noted for their strategic insight and effective problem-solving skills​​.

Contact Information:


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Service Description Contact
Strategic Communications Managing public perception and media relations Calstrat
Real Estate & Land Use Consulting on land development and zoning issues Calstrat
Transportation & Infrastructure Advising on transportation projects Calstrat
Environment & Natural Resources Environmental compliance and resource management Calstrat

Cogstone Resource Management

Overview: Cogstone Resource Management specializes in cultural and paleontological resources compliance. This women-owned business has been operational for over 20 years and offers tailored solutions for compliance under CEQA and NEPA. They provide fast turnaround times using in-house resources and deep local knowledge​​.


  • Paleontology Compliance
  • Cultural Resources Compliance
  • Collections Management
  • Repatriation

Client Reviews: Cogstone’s clients appreciate their respectful and thorough approach to managing cultural and paleontological resources. Their ability to deliver high-quality work products that withstand legal scrutiny is frequently highlighted​​.

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Contact Information:

  • Website: Cogstone
  • Phone: 714-974-8300
  • Email: Not listed


Service Description Contact
Paleontology Compliance Ensuring compliance with CEQA/NEPA for paleontological resources Cogstone
Cultural Resources Compliance Managing cultural resources under relevant regulations Cogstone
Collections Management Preserving paleontological and cultural records Cogstone
Repatriation Respectful repatriation of ancestral remains Cogstone
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Alvarez & Marsal

Overview: Alvarez & Marsal is a global professional services firm known for turnaround management and performance improvement. They offer financial restructuring, operational improvement, and strategic advisory services. Their global presence includes offices in major cities across the US and internationally​​.


  • Financial Restructuring
  • Operational Improvement
  • Strategic Advisory

Client Reviews: Clients praise Alvarez & Marsal for their professional approach and ability to deliver results in challenging situations. Their expertise in financial restructuring is particularly noted for helping businesses stabilize and improve performance​​.

Contact Information:


Service Description Contact
Financial Restructuring Comprehensive financial restructuring solutions A&M
Operational Improvement Strategies to enhance business operations A&M
Strategic Advisory High-level strategic consulting A&M

Launched Digital Solutions LLC

Overview: Launched Digital Solutions LLC is a boutique consulting firm based in Davis, CA, offering services in branding, content marketing, event marketing, and media planning. They have been recognized for their collaborative and responsive approach, ensuring successful project outcomes​​.


  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Media Planning

Client Reviews: Clients frequently highlight the firm’s expertise in SEO, website analysis, and technical skills. Their consistent communication and responsive nature are also praised, making them a reliable partner for various business needs​​.

Contact Information:


Service Description Contact
Branding Crafting brand stories that stand out Launched
Content Marketing Strategic content creation and distribution Launched
Event Marketing Planning and executing impactful events Launched
Media Planning Comprehensive media strategy services Launched


Overview: Zinnov is a global management and strategy consulting firm with expertise in digital transformation, technology consulting, and business innovation. Founded in 2002, Zinnov has a strong presence in Silicon Valley, Bangalore, and other major tech hubs​​.

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  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology Consulting
  • Business Innovation

Client Reviews: Zinnov is known for their deep industry knowledge and ability to drive digital transformation for large enterprises. Their clients appreciate the firm’s innovative approach and strategic insights, which help businesses navigate complex challenges​​.

Contact Information:

  • Website: Zinnov
  • Phone: Not listed
  • Email: Not listed


Service Description Contact
Digital Transformation Comprehensive digital transformation strategies Zinnov
Technology Consulting Expert advice on technology integration Zinnov
Business Innovation Strategies for business innovation and growth Zinnov

In conclusion, Sacramento County boasts several top-tier turnaround management firms, each offering unique strengths and specialized services. From the strategic and data-driven approach of California Turnaround Group to the comprehensive public affairs expertise of California Strategies, businesses in distress have a wealth of options to help them navigate their challenges and achieve sustainable growth. By carefully evaluating the services and client reviews, companies can find the right partner to guide them through their turnaround journey.

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