How you can use a bitcoin loan

Anyone can use a bitcoin loan to gain access to capital, and leverage their existing bitcoins to get funding. Depending on your loan amount, we'll either fund you directly or connect you with a bank who has the funds needed. We don't look at your credit, nor do we look at what you'll use the money for. We can do bitcoin loans worldwide. If you have a great idea, but can't get funding from traditional banks - then consider a bitcoin loan. We can help fund your bitcoin loan in any currency you'd like.

Cover Expenses

Pay for any unexpected expenses that arise.

Invest in your business

Use the bitcoin loan to grow your business however you wish.


Use the bitcoin loan to pay for expenses.


Keep the cash on hand for future expenses.


Buy new things.


Use the bitcoin loan to pay for unexpected expenses.

We Fund Fast

24-48 Hours

Loans up to

$100 Million

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Delancey Street Can Help With Bitcoin Loans

We're committed to helping crypto-investors get loans against bitcoin, and virtually any type of cryptocurrency. Regardless of which type of cryptocurrency you have, we're willing to offer you a loan.


We're frequently interviewed by major media organizations.

Easy Application

Our bitcoin app process is super easy. All it takes is one application, and we handle the rest for you.


Service is key. You can ask for advice on ANYTHING and we'll bend over to help.


Many of our team members are former business owners, and understand your challenges.


We customize each loan for you, and to your unique specs. Everything is customized.


We help virtually any industry, any business, anywhere in the USA. It doesn't matter.


We fund business loans nationwide. It doesn't matter where you are, we can help you.


This is crucial, and critical. We are 100% honest with our clients, and never strive for less.

Hear from people we’ve helped

“Delancey gave me money when I needed money fast.”

- Leena, Cryptoinvestor

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Loans

There’s a lot of big platforms out there, but Delancey Street provides 1:1 customer service for every single client who contact us. We’re not a platform – we’re your concierge. In order to get started, we need you to contact us first, and tell us what you’re looking for. Regardless of the type of cryptocurrency you have, or the type fiat currency you want, we’ll get you the loan you want and need. Like everything surrounding bitcoin, getting a bitcoin loan is different than any other type of loan. You can use a bitcoin loan to cover any expense, just like any personal loan. Many bitcoin investors are looking at new business ventures, and need access to cash – or need funding, in order to start a new operation.

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How borrowing money with bitcoin works

Bitcoin loans work like standard term loans – you borrow money and pay it back plus interest, fees, and etc, over a period of time. You can pay back the loan in installments, or a lump sum balloon payment. It all depends on the LTV, your lender, and a wide array of preferences. You can even get a bitcoin line of credit, or a term based bitcoin loans. Because bitcoin isn’t affiliated with any government or banking institution, typical bitcoin loans have been from one user to another. With Delancey Street, you can now turn to a private lender – like us, who can help you get funding for your bitcoin loans. Depending on which currency you need the loan in, you also need to factor in current exchange rates into the fees.

The best way to get bitcoin loans is through a P2P platform which connects investors with borrowers for a fee. When you contact a bitcoin loan platform, you will be asked to setup an account and go through the verification process. Bitcoin lenders don’t look at things like credit score, or debt to income ratio. Bitcoin loans look at your “trust score,” which is computed based on how much they’re able to verify about your identity. Bitcoin lenders never want to give a loan to someone other than the person who owns the bitcoin itself.

Examples of documents to verify your identity

  1. Government issued ID’s are great. Many bitcoin lenders will ask for a scan of your passport.
  2. Utility bills are great because they verify your address.
  3. Typically, bitcoin lenders will ask you to verify your email, and send a link or code to it.
  4. Some lenders will ask you to verify by looking at your credit card statements and making sure they are in your name.
  5. Social media is another thing that many bitcoin lenders will look at. The more social media handles you have that corroborate your identity – the more trustworthy you are.
  6. Verification of income through pay stubs, invoices, and tax forms, help prove your ability to repay bitcoin loans.

Some lenders might ask you to put up collateral to secure your bitcoin loan. Typically, lenders will ask to take possession of your bitcoin in order to secure the loan. Typically, lenders will ask for the cryptocurrency in question, or something else that can be liquidated to reclaim the value of the loan.

What happens if a bitcoin borrower delays payment, or doesn’t pay at all?

In case there are payments overdue, we proactively remind borrowers frequently, and try our best to get in touch with them. Late payments can negatively impact our relationship with the borrower, and in some severe cases the terms of the loan may be violated. While having outstanding overdue payments, a bitcoin loan borrower CANNOT get any new loans from Delancey Street.

If a loan is overdue for more than 30 days, it could endanger the loan, and termination may be possible. It means we send all overdue, and future payments, to a debt collection company. Furthermore, all payments will become due instantly. If a payment is late for more than 90 days, then the loan could be in default. Again, the claim and all outstanding payments will be sent to a debt collection day.

Can bitcoin loans be made globally?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. As a platform, we can help you get bitcoin loans. It doesn’t matter where you are in the USA – we can help. In order to get a loan in a fiat currency of your choice, you must offer the crypto as collateral. You don’t need to sell your crypto, nor do you need to lose the upside potential of it – if it goes up. You keep it, and get an instant loan for your cryptocurrency.

Do I have to give the cryptocurrency?

Typically, yes – you will be required to surrender the cryptocurrency to the lender. This is due to the fact the lender needs to protect themselves in case you default. In the event you default on the loan, the bitcoin lender will liquidate your bitcoins and sell them in order to gain their original investment back.

How to get Bitcoin Loans

Getting bitcoin loans is pretty simple. They work just like a standard bank loan. You borrow money, and you pay it back plus interest and fees over a period of time. You can pay it back in fixed installments, or all at once. It all depends on the lender, and the terms you agree to in the loan. You can even get bitcoin lines of credit, and short term loans. At the end of the day it all depends on the lender you are working with.

Most of the time, you’ll have to setup an online account with a bitcoin lender. Then, you’ll be asked to verify your details before your application is submitted. The next step will require you to enter the amount of money you need, and the period of time you need the loan for. Based on this, the lender will respond with their terms, and interest rate. Typically, most bitcoin loans are handled almost instantly.

How does Bitcoin lending work?

Bitcoin has literally revolutionized the lending markets. It’s made everyone a lender and a borrower. With bitcoin, you can borrow and lend instantly, without friction from banks. You can crowdsource your own loan, from lenders, and choose your own interest rate. Moreover, there’s no processing fee charged to the borrower or lender. Through bitcoin loans, lenders get profitable interest rates, and borrowers can get funding cheap. It’s hassle free, and peer to peer. Bottom line, there’s just so many advantages to it that’s not possible through conventional banking.

Bitcoin Loan Approval Process

Loan application

Contact us, and tell us about your loan request. We'll ask you some basic questions about the bitcoin loan, and try to understand whether we can help you, or one of our partner lenders can help you. We have relationships with a number of banks all over the world.

Project Assessment

After we review your bitcoin loan request, we'll assess your request and see if we can help. Depending on the cryptocurrency you have, and the amount of $ you want, either we'll fund it directly or one of our partner lenders will fund int. Bottom line, we'll try to offer a solution.

Supporting Documents

We will ask for supporting documents that verify the amount of cryptocurrency you have, and that you are the true owner of the cryptocurrency. This phase is a formality which allows us to ensure you're the true owner of the bitcoin/cryptocurrency.

Term Sheet

After we've evaluated your loan request and verified we can help you, we'll offer you a loan sheet. This will sum up what we can do for you, at what rate, and codify the terms of the transaction. If you accept the terms, we move forward with the bitcoin loan.


Depending on the amount of funding you need, we'll either give you a lump sum or disperse the loan with a schedule in place. .

Loan Closing and Disbursement

We’ll give you the funds during this phase.

How does crypto lending work for borrowers?

With traditional collateralized loans, borrowers use an asset as collateral and receive money for it. The main benefit is you don’t have to sell the asset in order to get the funding. With Delancey Street, instead of using a home, a car, or business, you’re using your cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum) etc. It’s great because you don’t have to sell your bitcoin. It means that you don’t have to pay immediate taxes on your bitcoin investment. With a cryptocurrency loan, you can keep the upside potential of your loan because you don’t have to sell the coins. Additionally, if there are any forks that occur during the term of your loan – that upside will be passed back to you. It’s good to remember that bitcoin loans are NOT a taxable event, which means theres no capital gains to report.

What can I use the bitcoin loans for?

There’s a number of use-cases for bitcoin loans. For example, many of our clients use the loan to invest in real estate. Whether you’re buying a home, or buying a car, a bitcoin loan is a great way to get access to the potential value of your cryptocurrency without having to sell it. You can use the loan to diversify your investments, pay off taxes, or pay off higher cost debt.

How do Bitcoin loans work?

One of the major reasons why BTC took off, is because it stores value. Whether you consider it an asset, or a form of money, one thing remains true – the entire crypto ecosystem looks to BTC. Delancey Street helps you by providing fiat currency loans using Bitcoin. There’s a number of reasons why you might want to leverage your bitcoin to get a loan. Most customers don’t want to sell their bitcoin because they think it’ll increase in value long-term. However, they need money today to pay for car payments, travel, or even investing into real estate. Additionally, if they sell it – they are fearful they will have tax exposure. Getting bitcoin loans isn’t a taxable event – which means theres no capital gains involved and you don’t have to report it.

Delancey Street offers affordable bitcoin to USD lending rates. For many bitcoin owners, this is a life saving financial feature – because you don’t need to sell your asset. You can get a loan against it. After the loan is paid off, you get all of your collateral back, including the increased value, interest, or forked coins, that may have also occurred over the duration of the loan.

Cryptocurrency capital gains are a huge issue, especially when it comes to the IRS. Don Fort, the Chief of the IRS criminal investigation unit has spoken and discussed at length how cryptocurrency is becoming a new area of enforcement for the division. One of the questions many bitcoin investors are thinking about is how to minimize crypto tax liabilities legally. Below are some strategies you can use to minimize your crypto tax liabilities.

Be a long term investor: Crypto is treated as property by the IRS. Just like a stock, bond, or or other form of property. You incur a capital gain when you sell it for more than what you acquired it for. The government taxes capital gains differently depending on how long you hold the investment. The government incentivizes long-term investing, as a result the capital gains tax rate is less for investments that are held for more than a year. This means if you buy bitcoin and hold it for a month, and then sell it, then your capital gains tax rate is higher than if you wait a year. Because of the volatility present in the crypto market, it might make sense for investors to look for short term gains. Fortunately, with  Bitcoin loans from Delancey Street – you can benefit from long term capital gains, while still getting cash out. Selling crypto is a taxable event — even exchanging crypto for crypto is a taxable event. Borrowing money AGAINST your bitcoin is NOT a taxable event. This makes it great for bitcoin investors like yourself to work with Delancey Street – since you get access  to USD without having to sell your investment.

Keep records of your transactions: To ensure you’re paying the correct amount in taxes – you need to keep detailed records of every transaction. The data you need to gather includes things like: the date of the transaction, the dollar value, date sold, and the proceeds from the sale. You need all of this data in order to calculate your cost basis and report your gains. It could help if you use a crypto tax software which automatically calculates your capital gains liabilities for you.

Work with a tax professional who understands your countries rules: When calculating your capital gains taxes, you need to have a good recording process in place. If you’re a high volume trader, your situation is complicated, and it helps if you have a crypto tax accountant. There are tax rules and exceptions within the crypto space which can be used to save money. It’s important you responsibly file your capital gains, while minimizing your liability.