To all the people who are planning on starting a new business, it will take a lot more than the finances. One of the other important things for a business is human resource management.

In this post, you will get to know all about “Zoho People,” which is an HR management platform. Zoho People is the topic of discussion as it is amongst the best HR software, and for its user-friendliness, it has also won various awards.

Who Would Need To Use Zoho People?

Zoho People has proven to be a great tool for medium and small enterprises. The HR solution is scalable and straightforward, with the help of which you will be able to manage the concerns and activities related to your employees with ease.

The companies that are looking for an HR software that is easily customizable to their needs and has a quick implementation should be looking for the Zoho People.

 The Edge That You Get With Zoho People

Apart from covering all HR management operations of a company, Zoho People can be accessed while you are elsewhere apart from your workplace. The experience for the employees is also great as it gives them the advantage of reporting times using their smart-phones, easily ask for time-off, be updated with their schedule, and also communicate with people related to the firm. Facilities like these help you be sure that your team is organized and thus be able to perform your best.

 The Affordable Pricing Of Zoho People

Since Zoho People is designed to make business easy for the upcoming enterprises, the pricing has been done thoughtfully. You get a free trial of 15 days, which is sufficient to get acquainted with the features of the software.

After the free period is over, you are not forced to upgrade and can continue with a forever free plan. The premium plans have also been altered according to the number of people working in the company. Here are the details of every available plan.

  • Free Plan

– No Price for five working people in the company 

  • Essential HR Plan

$0.83 per employee in a month with the following features

– Fundamental HRIS with individual employee login

– Employee leave administration

  •  Professional Plan

$1.66 per employee in a month with the following features

– All Primary HR plan features

– Timesheets

– Attendance

  • Premium

$2.5 per employee in a month with the following features

-All Professional plan features

-Integration with Zoho Reports

-Performance (Basic)

-Scheduling of shifts

  • Enterprise

$4.16 per employee in a month with the following features

-All Premium plan features

-Feedback from multiple raters

-360 feedback

As mentioned earlier in this post, Zoho People is customizable; you also get to choose a quote-based subscription. To do so, you have only to contact the concerned authorities for complete guidance. 


Zoho People is a great HR software for small and medium enterprises. It is not being implied that it is not meant for large enterprises. Many large enterprises are currently using Zoho People. The kind of facilities that Zoho People is providing makes it exceptionally good for the people who just got into the business world. The ease which is created by Zoho People makes the tedious task of managing the human resource also feel enjoyable.

Whether your business is new or has been there for a while, you need various operations to be in a flow, and with Zoho People, this becomes quite convenient. From a central location and through any kind of operating system, you will be able to collaborate with the efforts being put by you and your employees.

What makes Zoho People the best tool for a company is that it has the Zoho productivity systems integrated into it. This allows the users to bring out the productivity from just one tool. With so many facilities and thoughtful pricing, Zoho People turns out to be one of the best HR software out there in the market. 

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