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Finding Financial Freedom: Settling Business Debt

Running a small business is tough, yo. Cash flow problems happen. Mistakes get made. Before you know it, you’ve racked up business debt that feels crushing. I get it, believe me. But hey – there‘s hope! Let’s talk about how settling debt can help you regain control of your finances.

Debt Happens

First off, don’t beat yourself up. Debt is super common for small business owners. According to a 2022 study by Nav, 55% of small businesses carry some kind of debt. And the average amount owed is over $195k! So if you’ve got debt, you’re definitely not alone.Truth is, stuff happens. An unexpected expense hits that wipes out your reserves. A client doesn‘t pay on time. Sales dip for a few months. It’s enough to put any business in the red. Don‘t feel bad – just focus on making it right.

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Freedom Awaits

The good news? You totally can get out from under that debt, regain profitability, and ultimately find financial freedom againHow, you ask? Debt settlement, my friend.Debt settlement is when you work with a third party company (like us!) to negotiate down how much you actually have to pay on your business debt. The goal is to settle accounts for less than you owe – sometimes as little as 20-50% of the balance. Sweet deal, right?When done right, settling debt can help you:

  • Finally pay off nagging debt
  • Reduce massive interest payments
  • Free up cash flow to invest back in your biz
  • Improve your credit
  • And way more!

Keep reading to learn more about how debt settlement works and why it kicks butt for helping small business owners like you.

An Expert Team Has Your Back

So how does debt settlement work? I’m glad you asked!The quick overview:

  • You stop paying your creditors directly so you can stockpile cash
  • We negotiate with your creditors to slash your balances
  • We create a manageable payment plan for you
  • Over time, your accounts get settled for less than you owe
  • You’re debt-free and can get your business thriving again!

Boom. Financial freedom back in your hands. Pretty sweet deal huh?Of course, the process of settling accounts can get tricky. That’s why partnering with experts like us at Delancey Street matters big time.We’re not some random debt settlement company – we’ve helped thousands of business owners just like you. Our team knows all the ins and outs of negotiating with creditors, creating win-win offers, and ensuring the best possible outcomes for your situation.And because we’ve done this so many times before, we can give you total confidence that settling your debt will work. No more stressing about how to make progress on your own. We‘ve got your back!

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Tailored Support Just For You

So what makes Delancey Street different than other settlement companies? Two big things:

1. Personalized Guidance

Far too often, debt help companies take a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach. They put you through some generic process without ever taking time to understand your unique situation.Yeah…no thanks.At Delancey Street, you get tailored guidance based on your specific business, debt accounts, and financial goals. From start to finish, you have your own dedicated debt expert who takes time to dig into the details with you.We’ll explore questions like:

  • How did your debt happen in the first place?
  • What’s realistic in terms of monthly payments?
  • How quickly do you want to be debt-free?
  • What tradeoffs make the most sense for you?

Armed with a complete view of your situation, we create a custom path forward. One that helps you settle debt while still meeting other financial needs in your biz. Now that‘s smart support!

2. Attorney Support

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Sometimes debt collectors don‘t play fair. They might refuse reasonable settlement offers or continue unfair collection practices. That‘s when having attorney support can be clutch.Many debt help companies don‘t have this backup. But Delancey Street does.Our close partnerships with expert debt resolution attorneys give you protection if things ever get sticky with creditors. You‘ll have top legal minds reviewing your accounts, ensuring collectors treat you fairly, and giving guidance if lawsuits ever arise.Pretty great having those sharks on your side, eh? Just one more way we look out for you.


Still have some questions? No worries! Here are answers to some common things that come up:***How Much Does Debt Settlement Cost?***Our fees typically range from 15-25% of the debt amount we help resolve. Important notes:

  • We only collect fees AFTER settling
  • The more debt we settle, the lower % we charge
  • Settling saves you so much money overall that our fee is super worth it!

Can Debt Settlement Hurt My Credit?

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There can be some negative impacts, yes. When accounts get settled, they‘re often updated to show as “paid settlement” instead of “paid in full.” And your scores may drop when you first stop payments.But in the long run, becoming debt free helps your credit tremendously! Just focus on the end goal 🙂

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