In California, there are lawyers in nearly every major city, but it’s difficult to attract customers without a marketing strategy. The market is saturated, and there are not enough cases for the number of attorneys available. They’ll never select you over your competitors if there is no thought put to how you’ll market your services. At Delancey Street, we act as your partner to help you gain exposure. We help increase your visibility so that prospective clients can find you, and potentially hire you. Our goal is to help you become more profitable, as a result of our marketing services. We have clients all over the state of California who rely on our services in order to stay in business. Here’s how our company can help lawyers in California market their services.

We Help You Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Major markets like Los Angeles are saturated with attorneys. If there are 30 attorneys in the same field, how do they differentiate themselves? By developing a winning marketing strategy of course!

This is how we help. We help you identify your targeted market, create content, gain recognition from media organizations, and help improve not only your search engine rankings – but the overall profitability of your business. We create digital marketing strategies for law firms that increase the overall profitability of your law firm. Our services are affordable, and we ensure that you get the most return on your investment. Even though the field is large in California, we know what to do to help you stand out from the crowd. We have numerous years of experience when it comes to helping clients in large markets reach the first page in search engine rankings.

Why It’s Necessary to Have a Strategy

In the past, most lawyers had an organic and referral-based law practice. Present-day Californians are Internet-savvy, and they are more likely to search online to find an attorney. If you don’t pay attention to your online persona, your competitors will land top positions in the search engine, and your firm will receive no online traffic.

We help your law firm establish a presence in all the major search engines and even on sites such as Yelp. Consumers will have the opportunity to see how other consumers rank you and also view your credentials on certain websites. Every listing should be optimized for optimal effectiveness. Our professionals can help with this endeavor.

We help you actively generate your own leads and evolve into a law firm that is actively found by clients rather than waiting for referrals from previous clients. Since referrals occur in lower quantities than they did in the past, it’s important to focus equally on Internet marketing to ensure that you gain the exposure you need.

How It Works

Our firm works with lawyers in California and all over the United States. Our marketing professionals firmly believe in white-hat SEO. That means working in a manner that doesn’t compromise the future success of your law firm’s marketing campaign. We work on a month-to-month basis, and we never require any long term contracts.

Choose Delancey Street

You should choose Delancey Street if your strategy needs updating. We are a consistent lawyer marketing agency. Many of the top law firms in California use us. We encourage you to read our case studies, and learn more about our marketing firm.

Delancey Street is here for you

Our team is available always to help you. Regardless of whether you need advice, or just want to run a scenario by us. We take pride in the fact our team loves working with our clients - and truly cares about their financial and mental wellbeing.

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