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Apr 22 2018
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Cannabis Retail Store Purchase Loans

If you’re like most people entering the Cannabis industry, you’ve realized getting loans is difficult as hell. Most traditional lenders don’t lend to the Cannabis industry. Big banks aren’t allowed to lend, without potentially incurring heavy penalties from the federal government. As a result, many big banks/big lenders are simply not touching the Cannabis industry. If you’re an entrepreneur, and/or real estate investor in this industry, you’re probably hitting a wall as a result.

Here’s the bottom line — you have options. Delancey Street is a private money lender, which means we’re not like the big banks who won’t lend you money. We use private money, from a pool of real estate investors we have. You ONLY deal with Delancey Street, which is what makes it simple and easy. We issue the loan directly to you.

Medical Cannabis is legal in more than half of US States

With cannabis use permitted in 30 states, and approved for recreational in 8 states, the sector is blowing up. In February, Forbes discussed that the American Cannabis industry is worth over $7 billion. In 2020, the sales would blossom to over $20 billion. With so much potential, it makes no sense for you to sit on the sidelines.

We have experience understanding real estate, and the potential issues and investment errors associated with not only real estate – but the cannabis industry as well. In order to help secure your investment, we’ll provide you with the legal and financial planning you need. Not only that, with relationships we have all over the industry, we can help you with the operations and marketing of your Cannabis retail store as well.

Cannabis Retail Store Purchase Loans

This form of financing is available depending on your business model. If you’re buying the real estate that will be used for the Cannabis retail store, then it’s much easier to give you a loan. This is because we can lend against the physical real estate itself – which is collateral. This allows us to offer lower interest rates, and secure our investment in your operation. In some alternatives, we’re willing to lend against the dispensary license itself. Regardless of the exact collateral used to secure the loan, it’s possible to get creative when it comes to financing. Because we’re not an institutional bank, we can bend rules, or make up new ways to finance you.

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