Cannabis Business Loans

Delancey Street offers cannabis business loans in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000 or even more. These loans come from Delancey Street, and provide Cannabis business owners with the funding they need. We proudly service alternative businesses, and are a full scale cannabis lending platform. Our company specializes in small business loans to MMJ businesses. We know how to evaluate cannabis companies.

Ignore the obstacles to cannabis business loans 

Despite the popularity and legality of cannabis products, the federal government considers the sale, purchase, or use, illegal. This means getting a loan is difficult because federal banking laws prohibit banks from doing business with cannabis related companies. Banks are risk-averse, and will not give cannabis businesses any loans. Most FDIC insured banks will deny all marijuana related business loans – period. Under 40% of dispensaries even have a bank account. Despite the popularity of medical marijuana, it remains classified a Schedule I drug.

Delancey Street offers alternative options to help secure funding for your dispensary, or other cannabis businesses.