California Cannabis Funding Company

Delancey Street is a premier California Cannabis business funding institution that helps cannabis and MMJ business owners grow. We support dispensaries and growers in Washington state who are in need of capital funding. Regardless of what your needs are, we can support you. Our main goal is to provide opportunity to entrepreneurs who would otherwise have none.

Depending on your needs, we can support you in one of many ways.

Dispensary Loans: If you own, or operate, a cannabis dispensary, we can help provide funding for your business. For years, we’ve helped cannabis dispensary business owners expand their operations and improve their business. In addition to providing funding, our team of experts has immense experience scaling businesses. We can help you get funding for expansions, and provide invoice factoring, and invoice loans, as needed. Our speciality lies in giving dispensaries access to capital, at low interest rates – by using real estate as collateral to help reduce our exposure – while saving the dispensary money.

Real Estate Funding: We specialize in providing hard money loans to dispensaries, and any other business in the MMJ / Cannabis industry. If you are looking to expand your business and are considering buying real estate – we can help. Our team of experts can not only help provide funding, we can also help with legal issues you might face, business structuring, and all other tasks. We provide competitive rates on loans that are collateralized by real estate property and land.

Factoring: We understand there’s lag periods, between when you invoice a customer and when you get paid. We provide funding for your pending invoices at competitive rates. We only provide secured, invoice factoring services, where real estate is used as a guarantee for the invoices. We advance you funding for the pending invoices, on a very low interest rate.