California Cannabis Real Estate Loans

Delancey Street is a premier real estate lender on cannabis investment properties in California. If you’re an investor, a dispensary owner, or a grower, in the state of California – and need funding for your next Cannabis real estate property, then speak to us. We can fund your business venture.

We lend on real estate – and work with you to accomplish whatever it is you’re looking to do.  We have an experienced team that understands the realities of cannabis real estate, and can help you avoid the common investment errors we see. As an equity-based real estate lender, we know how to evaluate properties and see the things other people might miss. In addition to giving you funding, we can help advise you about the value of the target property – and whether it’s a good investment or not.


On average, we charge interest rates of 8-20% on real estate loans, with terms of 1-3 years. We typically charge anywhere from 1-3% as upfront points, to fund the transaction. There’s no early-payment fees associated with our loans.

We are willing to provide financing to successful growers, and dispensary owners, to purchase land or real estate to help their business. We provide bridge loans, hard money loans, and short term mortgages.