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Delancey Street is committed to helping dispensaries get the loans and financial help they need. In the past, dispensaries have come with a wide array of financial requests. We provide cannabis industry related businesses, with dispensary loans and equity funding. Today, cannabis dispensaries cannot get small business loans through FDIC insured banks because of regulations. We are a cannabis dispensary loan provider. We will give you the funding you need to accomplish your goals. Our private cannabis dispensary loans provide cannabis dispensaries with the startup capital they need to grow their businesses. We can fund all types of ideas, ranging from growing rooms, dispensaries, marijuana kitchens, marijuana websites, to retail stores, and more.

Delancey Street doesn’t discriminate against industries just because they are considered risky. We work with businesses in the cannabis industry throughout the USA. Due to the stigma surrounding the marijuana industry, there are issues when it comes to getting funding. We are prepared to cannabis dispensaries loans they need for their business.

Below are some of the most common ways in which we can help you dispensary grow its operations.

Private Cannabis Dispensary Loans – The most common type of financing for cannabis dispensaries. We lend to growers, manufacturers, or anyone else in the industry – who has a track record. As a dispensary, what we look for is good and consistent revenue.

Equipment Leases – In this financing method, we focus on growers in need of equipment to help with growing cannabis. We can fund the lease, and help improve your grow operations. We help you get the equipment you need.

Commercial Real Estate – We are willing to provide financing to successful dispensaries who want to purchase land or real estate. We can help you grow by funding the purchase. We provide numerous forms of financing: bridge loans, hard money loans, and short-term mortgages.

Dispensary Cash Advance – This is not a cannabis dispensary loan, but it is a great way for dispensaries to get short-term cannabis financing. In order to qualify for this form of funding, you need to have a strong bank statement that shows consistent revenue.

Why your Cannabis dispensary can’t get financing from a local bank?

Although marijuana and cannabis products are legal in your state, they are still prohibited on a federal level. The FDIC doesn’t look favorably on banks willing to work with cannabis-related businesses. It’s a violation of federal law. Marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug, by the DEA. Banks who provide loans to cannabis dispensaries could be subject to prosecution.

These risks make it impossible to get funding from your local bank.

Schedule I Drug is considered to have no accepted medical use, and a high potential for abuse. Examples include heroin, ecstasy, and marijuana. 

What type of financing is available for cannabis dispensaries?

Crowdfunding – The SEC allows anyone to invest $2,000 in small companies in exchange for equity. Companies can raise up to $1million this way. Some cannabis dispensaries have successfully used crowdfunding to raise money instead of getting a cannabis dispensary loan.
Private Equity Firm – Financial firms might be willing to offer you short term, and high interest, dispensary loans for funding your company.  They may also be willing to take a large stake in your company as well.
Venture Capitalists – Almost every industry has investors interested in helping smaller businesses grow in exchange for equity.
Angel Investors – Similar to VC funds, angel investors can help grow your business. These are a great resource when raising smaller amounts of funds.
Alternative Financing – You might be able to find businesses willing to offer unique financing options. These will all be on a case by case/custom basis.
Real estate mortgage – You might be able to purchase, or refinance, property you own in order to fund your cannabis/marijuana dispensary.
Bridge loans – You can use these for short term funding, in order to expand your services.

Crowdfunding for Cannabis Dispensary Loans

SEC regulations now state that any individual can invest $2000 per year, as long as they receive stock in the company. Wealthier individuals can invest up to $100,000. This limit is on an accumulative basis, and not per company.
Cannabis dispensaries can raise up to $1,000,000 per year through this method. 

Equity Crowdfunding vs Regular Crowdfunding for Cannabis Dispensaries

Equity crowdfunding is different normal crowdfunding like kickstarter. In equity crowdfunding, the backers get a piece of the company. The backers become your investor. This can be a viable alternative to getting a cannabis dispensary loan – since you don’t need to pay interest on the funds you raise. Depending on your business plan, either option could work for you.

How safe are Cannabis dispensary loans?

Safety can vary depending on what type of funding you get. Because you’re getting money from nontraditional sources – you’ll want to be careful. VC firms, private equity firms, and individuals, are taking financial risk by giving funding to a cannabis based business. The funds will expect compensation to match their level of risk. Your lender will probably have a contract that codifies the agreement and prevents and misunderstandings. You should consider hiring an attorney in order to look carefully, and protect you.

The federal government tolerates marijuana businesses where it’s legal, but could potentially shut down any dispensary they want. This is a risk to the lender. If you’re going to be giving up equity for the cannabis dispensary loan – then you’ll want a contract protects you, and is beneficial to your investors.

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