Is money holding your business back? Delancey Street helps entrepreneurs like yourself – achieve your dreams. We create opportunities, by providing merchant cash advances for cannabis businesses. If you’re ready to expand your business or take things to the next level, then we want to speak to you.

It doesn’t matter how innovative your idea is, or how driven you are – if you don’t have the funds to achieve it. Traditional businesses can turn to a bank – but the cannabis industry doesn’t have that option. The industry is growing, and changing rapidly.

We help all cannabis businesses with cannabis merchant cash advances

  • Cultivators who want to start doing extractions and need equiptment
  • Retail dispensaries that need more inventory, or control over their product
  • Businesses who want to purchase land to cultivate product
  • Real estate developers, who want to purchase a warehouse for cannabis growing
  • You need money for software upgrades

Cannabis companies can turn to us for cannabis merchant cash advances

Traditional banks have strict guidelines and it’s difficult for cannabis/marijuana businesses to get funding. We’re different – we’ll fund you. As more states comes on board with legalized medical, or recreational, laws – there’s an enormous need for funding. We are here to help you. We are a startup helping cannabis companies get the merchant cash advance they need to invest in things like equipment financing, etc. With a marijuana merchant cash advance, you can get access to business capital that allows you to use your future revenue to obtain a loan. The loan is paid through a percent of your monthly revenue.

  • This will allow you to grow your business
  • Make larger payments when business is booming
  • Make smaller payments when you might go through a slower period
  • Great for seasonal companies, like cultivators who grow outdoors