Alaska Cannabis (MMJ) Real Estate Loans

If you’re in the state of Alaska, and looking for a real estate loan – we might be able to help you. Buying real estate is a huge challenge in the marijuana/cannabis industry. The problem is many entrepreneurs lack financing for buildings, since federal banks cannot offer financing due to restrictions. This results in the need for alternative financing. Delancey Street provides cannabis business owners with quick, and effective, capital for their next real estate purchase.

Our team is here to help you get funding for your MMJ venture – whether it be for a warehouse, kitchen, or retail property. Our Alaska Cannabis real estate private money lenders are here to give you the money you need to purchase, refinance, or expand, an existing or new property. Our real estate lenders provide funding for a purchase, or for refinancing, owners with MMJ tenants. With Delancey Street, you can even get cash-out financing on existing property to get working capital and/or other improvements for your business.

We generally give cannabis real estate loans to properties that are suitable and have the proper zoning and are in Alaska. We prefer properties with an LTV ratio up to 80% with a loan between $50,000 and $5 million.

If you are interested in real estate financing for your next marijuana real estate purchase, we can help. Contact Delancey Street today, and get prequalified in as little as 1 day.