Delancey Street creates opportunities where none exist. We lend to cannabis / mmj / marijuana related ventures that are looking for funding on new warehouse/dispensary acquisitions, or looking to cash out refinance first-mortgage secured loans. If you have marijuana tenants, or are looking to expand your existing operation and need funding – we can help.

Below is a summary of us, as an investor 

  • We do funds anywhere from $100,000 to $5,000,000
  • We do first position mortgages only
  • We fund loan to value ratios up to 70-80%
  • We charge an interest rate ranging from 10-15%
  • We charge origination fees ranging from 1-4%
  • We provide flexible loan terms, ranging from 3-24 months, with renewal options
  • We provide loans for acquisitions and refinances(including cash-out refinancing)

There’s an immense opportunity, and we are here to fund you. Marijuana tenants are willing to pay increasingly higher rent for desirable warehouses with the appropriate tenant finishes. There’s a great opportunity for real estate investors, looking to buy properties with high net returns. This window is limited, and lack of bank financing makes it difficult.

We are a direct lender, not a broker. We control the funds, we make the decisions. We are a reliable source of capital for marijuana tenanted properties. Regardless of whether you are looking to have tenants in the property, or simply want to expand your existing operation and need capital we can help you.