Cannabis Venture Capital Fund

Cannabis Venture Capital Fund

Delancey Street creates opportunities where none exist. We believe the right capital, infused by a partner, can help you dramatically transform your business. To that end, we were created to transform marijuana and cannabis companies by infusing them with venture capital. Delancey Street is a cutting edge venture capital fund that has years of experience in the legal cannabis industry. Our goal is to help create opportunities by providing strategic funding. We have vision that few others in the industry have, especially when it comes to finding, and leveraging, capital

We can partner with your company in numerous ways. While we have a venture capital fund setup for cannabis businesses, we can help your business in numerous ways.

Venture Capital Funding

Our company provides you with strategic funding. Depending on your goals, this funding can take place through any number of financial instruments, ranging from equity, to convertible notes, etc. Depending on the situation, we might elect to provide you with alternative forms of funding, based on what stage your company is at.

Cannabis Business Loans

Sometimes – what you need is a business loan, rather than equity investment partner. We’ll evaluate your business needs and recommend a loan if we think that’s the best option at this point. While we’re a cannabis venture capital fund – we also offer competitive financing rates on cannabis business loans.

Cannabis Invoice Factoring

Businesses and dispensaries of any size can turn to us for invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing. We provide factoring and quick access to cash so companies can be in control of their finances, and meet their commitments. If you’re tired of waiting for funds, we can help. We’ll provide you with quick access to cash you need to fund your business. Our team has over 20 years of experience helping companies expand and grow. We’ve helped companies ranging from small businesses and startups, to large corporate enterprises with financial challenges like maxed out lines of credit, poor credit, bankruptcy, and more.

Accounts Receivable Financing

As a mechanism of supporting your business, we provide accounts receivable financing as a cash flow solution. Instead of waiting for slow paying customers we provide invoice factoring. We’ll pay your invoices within 24 hours.  We provide capital on the same day you request it. We wait for your customer to pay, while you pay your bills, meet payroll, and invest where needed. Once your customer pays up, Delancey Street pays your the remaining amount, minus our fee.