“SEO” is a term you hear a lot these days, especially as a business owner trying to navigate your way through the plethora of new types of marketing available.

The term refers to “search engine optimization” and quite simply, SEO is the process of influencing the way a website is treated by search engines. The more effective a site’s SEO is, the “higher up” a website will appear in search results.

It’s an easy to understand definition of a task that is very difficult. Obviously, the “higher up” in the hierarchy of search that your business appears, the more people are going to become aware of your Connecticut business. With ineffective SEO, ending up on the 10th or 30th of 75th page of Google or Bing results really isn’t going to do you a lot of good.

How SEO Works

The placement of certain words, phrases and descriptions on your website, whether they are visible to the public or not visible (in the coding or background of the site) is an essential path to effective SEO. Hundreds of times a day, “BOTS” and “SPIDERS,” little pieces of software code, are sent out by Google, Bing and other search engines to index the entire internet. When the BOT or SPIDER runs into your key words, it makes a note of them, and takes them into account (along with many other factors) in deciding how to ‘rank’ your site and where it will rank in the search results.

Why Use SEO?

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, internet search is dependent upon SEO, and use of search engines is increasing exponentially due to the rise in use of mobile devices as primary computing appliances.

SEO is an extremely cost effective part of marketing. Compared to the costs of other online advertising like Pay Per Click, social media campaigns, or purchasing lists and conducting email campaigns, SEO provides an outstanding ROI.

Search engines are responsible for more and more market share online; studies show 80-90$ of customers check reviews prior to making purchasing decisions, and the better your SEO performs, the more likely customers will end up on your doorstep, (virtual or real), instead of your competitors.

Not building an SEO campaign and refreshing it regularly can actually damage a business. The search engines are constantly changing the way they scour the web to rate sites, but one thing that doesn’t change is that the rating takes into account historical date from past search evaluations, and having a consistent approach to SEO marketing can boost your Connecticut business scores.

When You’re Ready to Get Serious About SEO

It’s time to call on expert assistance for help in building your campaign, and turn to professionals who not only understand the mathematics and dynamics of search, but how it all relates to a full-bore marketing campaign.

A full service digital marketing company  will assess your entire marketing efforts to assess how search and SEO can best provide a synergistic approach to helping build your Connecticut business.

Delancey Street will use their assessment of your digital marketing effort to construct recommendations and a plan where every single aspect of your marketing effort is focused solely on one thing, and one thing only: a cost effective ROI.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can think of us aa one of your valued business partners, or even a virtual CMO. Our methods can not only kick money to your top and bottom lines, but often eliminate a line or two in the expense section of your P/L.

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