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How to Create an Offshore company in Panama
Establishing a company offshore has several key benefits. First off, the secrecy that revolves around the banking laws are extremely strict in Panama. Also, there are several tax incentives for international businesses operating in Panama. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to seek professional guidance if you’re considering setting up a Panamanian offshore company.

Except for a yearly franchise tax, an offshore company in Panama that doesn’t actually have any business interests inside Panama’s borders is completely free from local taxes. This makes Panama a very interesting and enticing location for anyone looking for a steady economic and political setting to incorporate a business.

Offshore Company Requirements

Offshore companies in Panama are required to have at least one shareholder, and each of their name(s) appear in all public records. Additionally, the company must have at least one director whose name(s) also appear in the public records. The director must appoint a treasurer, secretary, and a president, though the director himself can also fulfill these specific roles. Again, it’s possible to have both shareholders and nominee directors in Panama.

Panamanian offshore companies are governed by the law, which states that in order to constitute it’s required for two or more people older than 18 years of age, any nationality, and without a residence in Panama to enter into an agreement. Joint-stock companies can dedicate themselves to virtually any commercial activity as well as maintain any legal object.

In order to exist, offshore companies in Panama aren’t required to have any initial capital, both before or following its constitution. The shares can be to the Preference or Holder and the societal shareholders can be constituted by natural individuals or by other foreign or national societies.

With regards to any other operation that is consumed, perfected, or brings profit in a different country concerning offshore operations, the joint-stock companies in Panama won’t be required to pay taxes, besides the special yearly rate, even if the operation is managed from a Panama-based office.

Offshore companies have to be completely organized based on their constitution document designated ‘Social Agreement’ that’s required to be both registered and notarized in the Mercantile Section in the Panama Public Registry. This is the said document, which governs the Society, that implements the laws regarding joint-stock companies based in Panama.

The social agreement of an offshore company or a joint-stock corporation must include the following:

• Name of the company
• Names and addresses of any affiliates
• Terms of the company
• Activities the company is permitted to perform
• Resident agent’s name
• Types of shares, amount, share capital, and shares distribution
• Names and addresses of both the officials and directors

Offshore companies in Panama can offer a number of benefits to both companies and people including:

1. Simplicity

With the exception of regulated businesses like banks or other key financial institutions, a few jurisdictions make it somewhat easy to establish and maintain companies.

2. Taxation

Businesses are structured in such a way that their profits are recognized in ways that work to diminish their general tax liability.

3. Asset Protection

It’s possible to organize transactions and assets in a manner that they’re protected from any future liabilities.

4. Financial Assistance

Offshore companies are typically not prohibited from providing financial assistance for the acquisition of their own personal shares, which prevents the need for whitewash, a practice in some financial transactions.

5. Thin Capitalization

Offshore jurisdictions are inclined not to impose thin capitalization rules on companies (with the exception of regulated entities including insurance companies and banks), permitting them to develop with just a small equity investment.

6. Anonymity

By implementing transactions on behalf of a private company, the name of the fundamental principal can be left out of the documentation. And so, existing regulations regarding anti-money laundering typically require banks along with other professionals to browse structures.

After you’ve thoroughly done your homework, it’s possible to walk through the entire incorporation procedure online in many jurisdictions, and you can generally establish your offshore company in just a few days. The process usually begins by registering a company name and submitting the appropriate documentation. The next step is to open a merchant or bank account for your business. Let our professional team at help you get started.

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