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If you are a business owner looking for a way to keep your overhead down, increase your revenue, or keep certain tax credits, then you should start considering what thousands of companies have already started doing. Companies have been aware of the premise of creating an offshore company in places like Panama, Belize, Saint Grenadines, and the Cayman Islands for decades, but few have understood the full advantages that these countries provide for corporations. The lawyers at, however, have understood these advantages and are available to help companies with the logistics of setting up their own offshore company. Out of the countries that businesses could be outsourcing toward, one of the highest recommendations is Panama. This is so for a variety of reasons.
One of the most pressing reasons is based off the realization of many businesses. They have been forced to face the suffocating power of tariffs, corporation fees, government regulation, or a wide array of taxes and other bureaucratic tape in their own countries. These reasons, among others, have become powerful motivators to sustain their business’ growth by moving part of their business outside of the country. In general, third world countries provide enormous boons such as lower costs for employee services and products, more efficient outputs for their time and energy, lower tax burdens, and more anonymity and privacy in their dealings. Panama specifically contains a wide array of geographical, legal, political, cultural, and linguistic benefits that compliment these advantages.
Since the country is centrally located at a critical location to the trans-continental trade for the past century it is an essential mainstay for all sorts of shipping and transportation businesses. Just about every international shipping company must go through the Panama Canal in maneuvering toward the Pacific or Atlantic. This fact is especially important for transportation or logistics companies looking to go offshore.
Panama, unlike many other non-modernized countries, is both politically stable and has a low crime rate relative to similar countries. Its stability is reassuring to many companies because it ensures, to a reasonable degree, that their investment will not be nullified based off of a rocky and shifting infrastructure. This much often cannot be said for other countries in Central or South America, let alone for the remainder of the non-industrialized, outsourced world. Panama’s banking and monetary systems have also evolved since the huge influx of offshore companies. Their banks have remained reliable and the country utilizes the American dollar as their primary source of currency for international countries. In this way fiscal agreements and transactions can occur without unnecessary conversion rates or transaction fees.
Since the country has experienced such a large influx of entrepreneurs in recent years, Panama has been accommodating more and more to first world companies. The primary language for international business has become English and a greater amount of citizens have been learning and speaking it as well. This proficiency in English has enabled a more cohesive working relation between companies and their subsidiaries. Panama also has no restrictions upon the nationality of its companies allowing business owners from the USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Australia, and Morocco (among many others) to establish their businesses in the country.
Panama’s other numerous advantages include low corporation fees, an unrestricted minimum when considering capital investment, laws designed to protect company assets, and other laws supporting the booming non-resident businesses. In terms of taxes, there is no income tax for any international businesses and there is no estate or property tax. Generally the country provides very liberal business laws that form under a laissez-faire style of governing, meaning that it is very easy for companies to progress quickly and easily in the governance. These are just a few of the reasons why Panama can create an incredible experience and opportunity for your growing company or corporation.

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