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2checkout is a payment gateway tool provider. The company started in 2006 in the United States, and as the name points out, it helps customers to check out and make payments for purchases on e-commerce websites. It is very similar to PayPal.

There are two business models offered by 2checkout – payment service provider and merchant of record.

Merchant of record – This means that 2checkout will assume financial liability in your transactions as a business. So along with credit card processing online, it also has invoicing, sales tax management, compliance, etc.

Payment service provider – This means that you are using 2checkout for payment processing, but you need to manage other responsibilities and liabilities.


2checkout has multiple functionalities for online businesses. This depends on the product plan you choose. The features are:

  • Payments

Global payment is the main feature of 2checkout. It allows e-commerce businesses to accept card payments online, along with other payment options. In the USA, it accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, ACH, Apple Pay, etc. It has coverage over 200 territories and can accept payment through more than 45 payment methods. It is available in thirty languages and has 100 billing and display currencies. The multi-currency management tools increase the authorization and conversation rates along with intelligent routing of payments. Buyers can see prices in local currencies, shop in their own language, and pay using their preferred methods.

  • Subscription billing

2checkout supports businesses that are subscription-based. With 2checkout, such businesses can manage their full-cycle by onboarding users, managing downgrade and upgrades, selling across channels, retaining customers, and boosting renewals. There are revenue recovery tools that promote the growth of revenue and promote business. There is an account updater for billing continuity in subscriptions along with increased card authorizations and advanced logic to recover any failed transactions.

  • Digital commerce

There are different checkout options for e-commerce businesses. They can accommodate all types of models and products – subscriptions, digital goods, trials, software, and selling via distributors and affiliates.

There are two checkout options form 2checkout – inline cart and hosted cart. The hosted cart is hosted by none other than 2checkout and directs payments through the ordering engine. You can customize hosted cart templates. The inline card is an iFrame checkout. It opens on the website and lets customers checkout form there. They can be used in mobile devices. Customers can use 2checkout APIs to further customize the shopping cart for renewals, in-app purchases, upgrades, or simple ordering.

If a customer has a shopping cart with the e-commerce platform, then they can integrate with 2checkout for the payment gateway. It can integrate with most shopping cart platforms such as WooCommerce and BigCommerce. The APIs from 2cjeckout also integrate with business tools like Marketo and Salesforce.

  • Financial and tax services 

This feature is accessible through the merchant of record model. VAT, sales tax, remittance, and international taxes are managed by 2checkout. Chargebacks, refunds, fraud monitoring, and compliance is also managed through this model.

  • Shopper and merchant service

Phone, email support 24×7, along with self-service portals for customers, come under this feature. The site feature FAQ as well as the knowledge base section, as well.

  • Compliance and risk management

Using proprietary algorithms, 2checkout can identify fraudulent activities. There is a global monitoring system that loos after anti0fraud measure with little interference in good orders.

Product Plans

  • 2Sell – This allows merchants to sell internationally, allows integration with shipping carts, and customizable checking out options.
  • 2Monetize – This is for digital goods and has all features of 2Sell. There are options for the prevention of cart abandonment, invoice management, fraud and risk protection, taxes, and conversation rate optimization.
  • 2Subscribe – This has all features of 2Sell plus revenue recovery options and subscription management.


  • There is a month on month agreement, and you don’t have to go for a long-term agreement at once.
  • It is ideal for international merchants because of its international coverage in terms of currencies, payment methods, and languages.
  • The flat-rate pricing.
  • Good features and add-ons for customization.
  • Users have given a very good rating.


  • The funds are held.
  • It may not be suitable for merchants requiring the card-present option.
  • May not be best for high-risk merchants.

2Checkout is a good all-inclusive provider with an international reach. It has multiple options for customizations and can offer a full service, as well. It has its pros and cons, but overall, it’s a good service that makes it convenient for e-commerce traders.

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