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Understanding the concept of Merchant Cash Advance 

It is common for small businesses to seek loans and cash advances from companies like Lendini. This happens especially when there is a potential opportunity for expansion whose gains will most definitely outweigh the cost of expansion. Having a consideration of both the nature and size of the businesses, it is a challenge to come up with the needed capital on their own, hence the need for loans from banks and other lending institutions.

Small business owners have faced hitches over the years with getting funding for their businesses for a variety of reasons. Some financiers like banks have become more adamant in funding small companies especially due to the credit score of the owners of the businesses and the revenue information of the businesses. The few that fall into the lucky pile also have to face the challenge of the long period that it takes to process a normal loan while the majority of applicants get denied. For these reasons, small business owners are looking into Merchant Cash Advance for funding.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?
A Merchant Cash Advance is a non-traditional mode of funding that is given to small businesses in exchange for a deducted percentage of the credit card and or debit card sales as payment. Companies such as Lendini, can provide you with a merchant cash advance.

How does Merchant Cash Advance work?
What happens is that financiers, usually companies falling in the category of Merchant Cash Advance Companies, provide a lump sum to small businesses. These businesses then have to pay them directly from all the sales they make using credit or debit cards as a mode of payment. The two parties agree on a specific percentage that the financiers will deduct from the debit or credit card sales made by the company.

Modes of repayment
Merchant Cash Advance companies allow the refund to be done in three ways which are agreed upon by the two parties. These modes include:

The ACH withholding mode- this works in such a way that when the small business makes a sale, the finance company will receive the customer’s credit card or debit card information allowing the financier to deduct their percentage directly from the customer’s checking account.

The split withholding mode- this one is where the company that processes the credit cards or the debit cards automatically splits the amount paid for a sale into two according to the percentage agreed upon by the two parties. For instance, if the company agrees to give the financier ten percent of every sale made, then the ten percent will automatically be deposited to the financier while the rest will be deposited to the small business. It is the most widely used mode of payment for this type of loans.

The trust bank withholding mode- this is where all the sales made through credit cards are made as deposits into a bank account controlled by a Merchant Cash Advance Company. The company will then deduct their portion and send the rest of the money to the business. This is the least popular method used since it results in a twenty-four-hour delay between the time the sale is made and the time the company receives their share after the financiers have deducted their part.

In the beginning, the finance companies would require payment either within two years or daily. However, over recent years, most have adopted the above modes.

What makes Merchant Cash Advance stand out?
These types of financiers differ significantly from traditional financiers like banks. Unlike traditional banks and lenders, the Merchant Cash Advance Companies do not have to comply with certain rules including those limiting the interest rates charged on loans. This means that they can charge whatever interest they so desire. This may come as a disadvantage to small businesses taking these loans. However, the benefits outweigh the cons.

The advantage of this form of financing is that it takes less time to process a loan as opposed to the amount of time regular banks take to do so.

Another upside is that these types of financiers do not pay keen attention to the credit score of the owner of the business but is rather keen on the performance of the business. This is because the repayment of the loan is directly related to the performance of the business in terms of the number and amount of credit and or debit card sales they make. For this reason, the amount paid to the financier can vary. When the number of sales fluctuates, then the amount repaid so does. This lessens the strain on the businesses during low seasons and hence is another advantage to business owners.

Companies like Lendini offer funding to parties that have been rejected by conventional financiers or financing companies.

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