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The biggest hurdle for small or new businesses is to get financing to help them grow. Banks typically only want to work with companies that have an established track record of making money and being profitable. They also want to work with businesses that have good credit scores over long periods of time. If your company is struggling to get a traditional loan, it may be possible to get financing through a merchant cash advance.

Why Seek a Merchant Cash Advance?

If your company accepts credit cards, it will have an account with a credit card transaction processor. Your company can use projected future credit card revenues as collateral for an advance of up to $250,000. An advance provider is only looking at your recent credit card sales when making a funding decision.

Therefore, you could be eligible for a loan even if you don’t have great credit or if your company doesn’t have a lengthy credit history. Another benefit to seeking a merchant cash advance is that the advance is repaid as a percentage of your daily credit card receipts. There is no need to make a minimum payment at the end of the month or at other regular intervals.

This Is Not a Loan

The most important thing that you should understand about merchant cash advances is that they are not loans. This is true despite the fact that some providers may refer to them as loans or imply that this is the case. The reason why this distinction is so critical is because you don’t have the same protections with an advance as you would with a loan.

For instance, there is generally no limit to how much interest could be charged. Furthermore, it may be harder to have the debt eliminated in bankruptcy. However, it is unlikely that an advance provider would come after your business if it did file for bankruptcy. This is mostly because there are no minimum payments or other mechanisms in place to ensure the advance is repaid by a certain date.

Read Your Contract Carefully

The terms of a merchant cash advance vary from provider to provider. In some cases, you may be required to enter into a long-term deal or agree to sell a percentage of all projected credit card revenues. In some cases, you could be agreeing to receive more money than you want or need at a given time.

The contract that you receive will also spell out other terms of the loan such as your factor rate and the hold back rate. The factor rate is akin to an interest rate while the hold back rate is how much money will be taken off the top each day to repay the advance. Generally speaking, an advance provider will keep 10 to 15 cents for every dollar in credit card revenue generated each day.

What Can the Money Be Used For?

The money that you receive from a merchant cash advance can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, you could use it to hire an employee or to buy a new building. It could also be used to fulfill a large order or to repay a credit card or tax debt. As long as the money is repaid as agreed, there are generally no limitations as to how it can be used.

There Is No Need to Include the Advance on a Balance Sheet

Since the proceeds are not considered to be a loan, there is no need to include them on your balance sheet. As there is less debt on the books, it may be easier to obtain outside investment or other sources of funding. It can also make it easier to sell the company in the near future as buyers generally shy away from companies that have high debt levels. However, it may be worth mentioning the advance as a sign of good faith while working with investors, lenders or potential buyers.

If your company needs money quickly, it should seriously consider getting a merchant cash advance. There is no credit check needed to qualify, and it may be possible to get advance proceeds in as little as 24 hours. If you have any questions, customer service representatives are standing by to help.

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