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Millions of people have little to no savings for cash emergencies. In fact, studies have shown that 55 million people in the U.S. do not have savings account. Only 29 million Americans have enough money in savings to last for six months.

When you count yourself as one of the millions without a cash reserve, you may wonder how you can get access to money quickly if or when an unforeseen circumstance arises. You could raise cash quickly for most of your money needs by using the services available from Merchant Cash Advance today.

Online Service

To use the services from Merchant Cash Advance, you do not need to visit a lender in person or undergo a lengthy face-to-face interview. The process of getting the money you need today starts with you filling out and submitting an online application.

Once you complete the application, you will be assigned a concierge who will work closely with you to determine what your financial needs are and what type of financing would best suit your purposes. Your concierge will walk you through the numerous options that Merchant Cash Advance has access to and will help you find a lending option that you can afford and will resolve your monetary issues promptly.

You are never alone during the lending process and always have access to fast and professional financial advice. Merchant Cash Advance will vet as many lending offers as it takes to ensure you have the money you need at a rate you can afford to pay back in a timely manner.

Variety of Partners

How does Merchant Cash Advance find the right financing offer for you? It actually does business with a host of lending partners, all of whom are ready to offer financing to eligible clients.

It does not contact one or two lending partners after you submit your application. It consults with dozens of lenders so that the right financing option can be found for you and so you have access to money within a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

All of the lending partners have good reputations and likewise want the best for people who need or want to borrow money from them. The financier chosen for you will have your best interests at heart and make sure you are happy with your loan before it signs off on any agreement with you.

Money for a Variety of Purposes

Merchant Cash Advance helps you get access to money you need quickly to resolve a wide variety of financial needs. You often cannot predict when a financial crisis will arise in your own life. You can be ready to deal with it effectively by using the lending services available from Merchant Cash Advance today.

For example, you may find yourself the target of an expensive lawsuit. Being sued happens more often than you would imagine. Statistics reveal that more than 40 million lawsuits are filed in the U.S. each year.

If you have had a judgment rendered against you in court, you can pay off the judgment or settle the lawsuit out of court by using Merchant Cash Advance’s lending services. It could help you locate funding to deal with a lawsuit satisfactorily.

Maybe you need money to launch or grow your own business. Raising the cash needed to get a business off the ground and running can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs.

Rather than borrow the money from friends or relatives or liquidate crucial assets, you can use Merchant Cash Advance to get money you need today to grow your brand. The money will be provided in a timely fashion so you do not have to wait to start working toward your business’s success.

Merchant Cash Advance can also help you secure financing for a mortgage. Given the recent recession, many banks and credit unions are still wary about lending money to people with which to buy a new home or business. Mainstream lenders are afraid that borrowers will default on their loans.

With Merchant Cash Advance, however, you can bypass the tedious and nerve wracking lending process that comes with applying for a bank or credit union mortgage. You could get financing to buy a new home or business faster with Merchant Cash Advance. You also may find that your loan is more affordable and comes with a better interest rate.

You never know when you could encounter a money crunch for which you do not have the funds on hand. Rather than worry about how you will get the cash you need, you could secure faster and easier financing by partnering with Merchant Cash Advance. Your online application starts the process of finding and securing the right kind of lending that you can afford and will suit your monetary purposes today.

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