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Merchant Cash Advance is a new and effective substitute for the regular bank loans which have been the most used money lending option by many people. It also goes by the name factoring. For more than ten years it has been among the easiest ways of securing advance loans when faced with a glitch and after that get your business running as usual. Merchant Cash Advance saves one the stress of going through hectic processes that might not even give the desired results when seeking bank loans. It is a problem solver when one needs to advance loans to get the business back on its feet but does not have a fast option of getting one.

Merchant Cash Advance comes in handy when one seeks to expand the business’ client base, speed up the delivery of products or increase the number of staff. You may be able to afford the expansion of the business depending on the magnitude of the company. However, when you fall short of finances, Merchant Cash Advance is the best alternative you might get. The best part is that your credit rating does not influence the acquisition of this type of loan.

To get hold of Merchant Cash Advance’s idea of helping businesses grow, you need to identify and isolate the problems affecting your business and replace them with Merchant Cash Advance. Steady cash flow in a company is not enough if there is no reliable cash flow security and this is what Merchant Cash Advance seeks to provide. This kind of security acts as a remote financier when one is caught up in a financial fix and does not want to worry about bank qualifications or the long periods it takes to secure a loan from banks.

How it operates
Before subscribing to anything, it is essential to understand how it works before committing to it, especially if the deal is too good to be true. Therefore, factoring (merchant cash advance) operates in the following way:

It entails the purchase of future credit sales and does not require collaterals. The credit rating of an individual is not mandatory to secure a merchant cash advance; therefore, credit card checking is not done. Many business persons prefer financial solutions that do not take long in the acquisition. There has been a persistent perception that factoring depends on personal credit and guarantees, which in essence is false and inaccurate. Business persons should incorporate Merchant Cash Advance into their businesses to ensure a fluid cash flow security.

The process of acquiring a merchant cash advance
Obtaining a merchant cash advance is quite easy. The process is a short, simple one. The owner of the business is required to fill an online form that is very brief and candid. It takes between 24 to 48 hours, upon completion and submission, for the form to be approved. After that, the money is remitted to the business owner and how you spend it entirely upon you.

Determination and payment of merchant cash advance
The primary payment methods for this solution are credit and debit sales. On top of the payment balance, a fee that is agreed on during approval of the form during application is charged. How then is the payment determined? The amount of profits acquired from the business is an obvious way of determining the rates of the payment. The payment could be fixed daily, or a certain percentage is set on the earnings.

The fact that payments are made automatically relieves business owners the struggle of having to make payments daily or according to the payment plan they subscribe to when applying for a merchant cash advance. The percentage charge is particular to the payment; therefore, one does not need to worry when the profits decrease.

Benefits of merchant cash advance
Merchant Cash Advance has numerous advantages over normal bank loans. These include:
 Qualification for the merchant cash advance is easy.
 When a merchant cash advance is approved, the amount of sales is the majoring factor and not the credit rating.
 The disbursement of money is fast and reliable.
 A merchant cash advance is used for any purpose; there are no restrictions.
 Its terms are very flexible as compared to bank loans.
 The payment of merchant cash advance is done automatically; therefore, one does not need to worry about making payments personally.
 A merchant cash advance does not require documents and tax returns to secure a loan since it focuses more on credit and debt sales.
 Collaterals and personal guarantees are not needed since they may affect new businesses that may not have an excellent credit rating.

Disadvantages of factoring
It is, however, necessary to note that merchant cash advance could be expensive as the rates sometimes go up to 30% and it could also interfere with the cash flow of the business.

What is a merchant cash advance?

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