Restaurant Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services

Are you looking to lower your credit card processing fees? We offer a full service approach to restaurant credit card processing, regardless of whether you’re a full fledged sit down restaurant, fast food, or for delivery. We understand that regardless of whether you’re a single location, or multiple locations, you need reliable credit card processing. As a restaurant owner, we know that managing your books, inventory, payroll, and taxes, are just some of the many issues you deal with. With Delancey Street as a partner, we’re happy to implement all the tools necessary to ensure that everything remains in order.

The right tools, deployed, can help you make sure your business runs well – and that your customers are happy. Implementing the right POS makes sure that your food orders are handled in the correct order, and make sure your restaurant is financially operating correctly. Most successful restaurants accept credit card payments, and it’s faster than dealing with cash or check. If you accept credit card payments, it’ll boost your sales, and that means more earnings. Having a credit card processing service in place can save you time and money. Working with Delancey Street means you’re giving your customers a reliable way of paying for your services. When you work with us, we’ll help you setup a merchant account – which provides access to a buyer and seller to make a transaction.

In the past, banks would setup the majority of merchant accounts. Recently, that’s changed and now private businesses like Delancey Street handle restaurant credit card processing / restaurant merchant services. Credit card processing is the action of a processor receiving credit card data, and transaction details. The credit card processor debits the amount of the sale from the customers credit card. The processor for your restaurant delivers the funds into your account.

Restaurant Credit Card Processing Steps

Your business creates a sale, and the merchant account is notified. The provider sends an authorization request to the process to verify the card is legitimate. Once this is complete, you get an authorization number. Once the information is verified, it then checks the customers bank to verify the funds are available, and then deposits those funds into your account. The final step in restaurant credit card processing is making sure the fees are deducted for the transaction – with the funds then deposited into your account. It usually takes 2-3 days, but can be longer. If your products and services are high risk, it can take longer. At the end of the month, you’ll get a statement showing the transaction and fees.

Methods of accepting credit cards

There are three ways to accept credit cards. One, is a retail terminal/swipe machine. Another option is through phone or mail. You’ll need software installed in order to process these transactions. The last option is a website, this is known as real time credit card processing.

POS Systems

As a restaurant owner, you know that you can be more successful if you provide the best possible experience for your customers. Having the best possible restaurant merchant services POS system is super important.