Finding Debt Relief in Columbus, Ohio

Dealing with debt can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Many Columbus residents and small business owners find themselves struggling to keep up with high-interest credit cards, unexpected medical bills, or business loans that have become difficult to repay. However, there are debt relief solutions available that can help you regain control of your finances.At our financial services company, we understand how confusing and intimidating the debt relief process can be. We provide customized debt relief services to help Columbus residents and small businesses negotiate, settle, or restructure unmanageable debt. Our team has years of experience guiding clients through debt settlement, debt consolidation, and bankruptcy filings.

How Debt Settlement Works

Debt settlement is one option we frequently recommend to Columbus clients who have fallen behind on credit card or other unsecured debt payments. With debt settlement, our lawyers negotiate directly with your creditors to settle accounts for less than the full balance owed. Many creditors are willing to accept discounted lump sum settlements rather than risk nonpayment if an account goes to collections.The debt settlement process typically takes 2-4 years to complete, depending on the amount of debt owed. We establish a dedicated account where you make monthly payments, which we set aside until enough funds have accumulated to make settlement offers. Once a settlement is accepted, the creditor considers the account paid in full.Debt settlement can eliminate 20% to 60% or more of what you owe. However, it will also have a negative impact on your credit score. Debt settlement works best for those who have experienced a financial setback and fallen several months behind on payments.

Benefits of Working With a Debt Settlement Law Firm

Hiring a law firm to handle your debt settlement provides important protections you won’t get from debt settlement companies. As your legal representatives, our lawyers have an ethical responsibility to provide counsel in your best interest. We can advise you on which debts to prioritize for settlement, negotiate firmly on your behalf, and ensure creditors comply with all applicable laws.Our Columbus debt relief attorneys are also licensed to practice law in Ohio. This enables us to provide legal defenses if creditors sue over unpaid debts. We fight to have unfavorable judgments vacated or dismissed. A debt settlement company cannot represent you in court.Attorney-client privilege protects all information you share with us. Debt settlement companies may sell or share your data. At our firm, your personal and financial information remains private.

What to Expect From a Free Consultation

If you are struggling with unmanageable debt, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with our Columbus office. We will review your unique financial situation, debts owed, income, and assets to determine if debt settlement is the right solution.Our attorneys will explain how the debt settlement process works, expected timelines, fees, and potential impacts to your credit. We will also explore alternatives like debt consolidation or bankruptcy if appropriate. Our goal is to provide honest advice so you can make an informed decision.During the consultation, we will:

  • Conduct a financial overview and discuss your problem debts
  • Explain your debt relief options in plain language
  • Answer any questions and address concerns you may have
  • Provide recommendations on the best path forward for your situation

At our firm, there is never any obligation or pressure to hire us. Our free consultations are exactly that – an opportunity to get expert legal advice on how to deal with debt. If we do not feel we can improve your financial situation, we will let you know.

Making Debt Settlement Affordable

Our Columbus office provides flexible payment plans to make attorney-assisted debt settlement affordable. We understand money is tight, so we will not ask for large upfront payments. Our fees are only earned as we achieve settlements on your behalf.We offer free consultations so you can understand your options before committing to anything. Many debt settlement companies charge fees before settling any debts. Our firm collects fees only after negotiating settlements, so you don’t pay until we provide results.

Protecting Your Rights Under the FDCPA

When collecting debts, creditors and third-party debt collectors must comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This federal law prohibits abusive, deceptive, or unfair collection practices.If a debt collector violates your rights under the FDCPA, our Columbus debt relief lawyers can help you recover up to $1,000 in statutory damages per violation, plus attorney’s fees and costs. Some common FDCPA violations we see include:

  • Harassing phone calls at inappropriate hours
  • Discussing debts with unauthorized third parties
  • Making false or misleading statements
  • Improperly threatening lawsuits or criminal charges
  • Adding unauthorized fees or charges
  • Failing to validate debts when requested

Our experienced Columbus consumer protection attorneys will aggressively defend your rights under state and federal debt collection laws. We fight to get unfair judgments vacated, demand validation of disputed debts, and compel creditors to cease unlawful collection activities.

Alternatives to Debt Settlement

While debt settlement is ideal for some, other debt relief options may be better suited depending on your specific circumstances. Our Columbus debt relief lawyers can advise you on all alternatives, including:Debt Consolidation Loans – These loans allow you to pay off multiple high-interest debts and consolidate them into a single monthly payment at a lower interest rate. This can reduce monthly payments and help you pay off debts faster. Debt consolidation may require collateral.Credit Counseling – Nonprofit credit counseling agencies can negotiate reduced interest rates and monthly payments with creditors. They also provide financial education to help you better manage debts.Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy eliminates many debts entirely or provides a court-supervised repayment plan. However, bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 7-10 years. Our Columbus bankruptcy lawyers can advise if you qualify.Debt Management Plans – Debt management companies act as middlemen to negotiate lower interest rates and monthly payments on your behalf, for a fee. Similar to credit counseling but more expensive.During your free consultation, we will objectively discuss which option best suits your needs after reviewing your financial circumstances.

Finding Long-Term Financial Peace of Mind

At our firm, we don’t just settle outstanding debts and send you on your way. We provide ongoing counsel to help you make choices that support your long-term financial health:

  • Budgeting assistance – We help you create a realistic monthly budget that covers necessities, debt payments, and savings.
  • Money management tips – Our financial experts share strategies to reduce expenses, increase income, and manage money wisely.
  • Credit repair advice – We explain steps to rebuild credit after debt settlement, including how to dispute errors on your credit report.
  • Debt prevention planning – We counsel you on avoiding risky credit offers and recognizing predatory lending practices.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to achieve lasting financial stability. We want to ensure you don’t find yourself back in overwhelming debt in the future.

Let Us Help You Move Forward Debt-Free

Don’t continue struggling under the burden of high-interest credit card balances, medical bills, or other problem debts. Our Columbus debt relief professionals have the experience to negotiate settlements and protect your rights. We customize solutions to match your unique financial situation.To schedule a 100% free consultation or learn more about our services, contact our Columbus office today. Our dedicated debt relief attorneys are here to answer your questions and put you back in control of your finances.

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