Sued by Stephen Einstein & Associates?


Sued by Stephen Einstein & Associates? How We Can Help

Getting sued by a debt collector like Stephen Einstein & Associates can be an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. As a business that helps people have a healthy relationship with money, we understand how confusing and overwhelming the legal system can be when you’re faced with a lawsuit.

That’s why we put together this plain-English guide to walk you through what’s happening, what your rights are, and how we can support you. Consider this your starting point to get informed and take back control of the situation.

Who is Stephen Einstein & Associates?

Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C. is a New York-based law firm that specializes in debt collection. They purchase old debt from creditors – debt that you may have forgotten about or thought was resolved years ago – and then take legal action to try to collect on it.

Some key facts about Stephen Einstein & Associates:

  • They have filed thousands of debt collection lawsuits in New York courts over the years
  • In 2009, the New York Attorney General sued them for unlawful and abusive practices
  • They have been the subject of numerous class action lawsuits from consumers alleging illegal practices

So in short, Stephen Einstein has a reputation for being an aggressive debt collector that pushes the boundaries when it comes to collecting old consumer debts. Many people feel intimidated and unsure of their rights when sued by them.

Why Am I Being Sued By Stephen Einstein & Associates?

If you’re being sued by Stephen Einstein & Associates, it likely means they purchased an old debt that you owed to a creditor or lender – maybe a credit card, medical bill, personal loan, etc. – and are now trying to collect on it through the court system.

This old debt may have gone unpaid because:

  • You disputed it with the original creditor
  • It “fell off” your credit report
  • You went through a bankruptcy
  • You thought it was past the statute of limitations

But now the debt has been sold to Stephen Einstein, and they believe they have the right to pursue you for it. Some people refer to these as “zombie debts” because they come back from the dead to haunt you.

What Are My Rights & Defenses?

Just because Stephen Einstein sues you does NOT automatically mean you owe them money. There are a number of rights and defenses that you can assert, including:

Statute of Limitations

Debts have a statute of limitations – the window of time creditors have to sue you to collect. In New York, it’s generally around 6 years. If your debt is too old, the statute of limitations may have expired and you can get the case dismissed.

Identity Theft

If the account isn’t yours, you’re the victim of identity theft. You can provide evidence you didn’t open it.

Improper Service

For a lawsuit to proceed, you need to be properly served notice. If service was improper, the case could get thrown out.

Debt Validation

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have the right to request validation that you actually owe the debt. Stephen Einstein has to prove it’s your debt.

Bankruptcy Discharge

If the debt was discharged in your bankruptcy, you’re no longer legally obligated to pay it.

As you can see, you have options. Stephen Einstein & Associates often engage in questionable practices – like tacking on excessive fees – that violate consumer protection laws. With the help of an experienced lawyer, many of their lawsuits can be challenged or dismissed.

Should I Just Pay Them to Make it Go Away?

It’s understandable the temptation to just pay Stephen Einstein & Associates to settle the lawsuit. However, we strongly recommend speaking to a lawyer before paying anything on one of these old debts. Here’s why:

  • Paying restarts the statute of limitations, so if you pay a little now, you could end up being on the hook for the full balance later
  • It hurts your credit to have an old collection account re-reported as paid
  • Stephen Einstein has been known to engage in “sewer service” – falsely claiming you were served, getting a default judgment, and garnishing your wages without your knowledge

Settling old debts without legal advice often creates more problems than it solves. There are smart, strategic ways to resolve debt lawsuits that minimize damage – but it takes an experienced professional to guide you.

How We Can Help

At our firm, we’ve successfully fought back against creditors like Stephen Einstein for years. We know all their tricks and tactics. Here are some of the ways we can support you:

  • Review your case for free and let you know your options
  • Request validation and force Stephen Einstein to prove you actually owe the debt
  • Assert defenses like expired statutes of limitation or improper service
  • Negotiate settlements that minimize damage to your credit
  • Defend you in court if necessary

You don’t have to face Stephen Einstein & Associates alone. We’ll stand up to them on your behalf and protect your rights under the law. The first step is contacting us for a free case review – from their, we can put a plan together to take back control.

Getting sued by a debt collector can be intimidating; but knowledge is power. Now that you understand what’s happening, who Stephen Einstein is, your rights, and how we can help, you’re in a much stronger position. Let us walk this road with you – we’ve been down it many times before and know how to get to the right outcome.

Don’t let them bully you. Take back control of the situation by asserting your rights. This lawsuit may feel scary, but it’s just a process – and we know how to work the process to your advantage. You’ve got this!

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