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Running a business can be extremely rewarding, but it also comes with financial risks. Many business owners in Virginia Beach find themselves facing overwhelming business debt at some point. If your Virginia Beach business is struggling with debt, working with an experienced business debt relief or debt settlement lawyer can help you explore your options and develop an effective debt relief strategy.In this article, we’ll discuss key things to know about business debt relief and settlement in Virginia Beach, including:

  • Common causes of business debt
  • Benefits of working with a lawyer
  • Debt relief vs. debt settlement
  • Laws and regulations to be aware of
  • Questions to ask prospective lawyers
  • Top debt relief law firms in Virginia Beach

Common Causes of Business Debt in Virginia Beach

There are many reasons a Virginia Beach business might accumulate significant debt. Some common causes include:

  • Economic downturns or recessions that reduce revenue
  • Expansion costs and business growth outpacing cash flow
  • Unexpected emergencies like natural disasters or lawsuits
  • Industry changes that make the business model obsolete
  • Poor financial management and overspending

Many of these factors are outside the business owner’s control. When they occur, it can quickly snowball into unmanageable debt that threatens the viability of the business.

Benefits of Working with a Virginia Beach Business Debt Relief Lawyer

Attempting to negotiate debt relief on your own as a business owner can be extremely difficult and stressful. An experienced Virginia Beach business debt relief lawyer can provide invaluable help, including:

  • Analyzing the business’ financial situation and total debt load
  • Determining the best debt relief strategies and options to pursue
  • Communicating with creditors and negotiating favorable settlements
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Drafting legally binding agreements for debt settlements
  • Advising on tax implications and protecting assets
  • Overseeing the debt relief process from start to finish

Having an expert lawyer on your side can make the difference between losing your business and reaching a manageable debt settlement that allows you to move forward.

Key Differences: Debt Relief vs. Debt Settlement

There are two main legal strategies for addressing unmanageable business debt: debt relief and debt settlement. Understanding the key differences is important when choosing the right approach:

  • Debt relief involves working with a credit counseling agency to set up a Debt Management Plan (DMP). This consolidates debt into one monthly payment and can reduce or waive interest and fees. A DMP allows you to pay back the full debt amount over time.
  • Debt settlement involves negotiating directly with creditors to agree on a reduced lump-sum settlement amount as full payment. The settlement amount is often 50% or less of the original debt. Debt settlement permanently eliminates the remaining debt.

Other differences:

  • Debt relief allows you to avoid late fees and continue making regular payments. Debt settlement usually involves falling behind on payments intentionally to negotiate settlements.
  • Debt relief maintains your credit score and record of on-time payments. Debt settlement typically damages your business credit score.
  • Debt relief plans are flexible with no upfront fees. Debt settlement often requires large upfront attorney fees and settlement payments.

The right option depends on your specific situation. A lawyer can advise which strategy is best for your Virginia Beach business.

Relevant Virginia Laws and Regulations

Navigating business debt relief and settlement is complex, and companies in Virginia Beach need to comply with applicable laws. Key laws and regulations include:

  • Virginia Consumer Protection Act: Prohibits unfair or deceptive practices by debt settlement companies, such as misleading claims about services.
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule: Sets rules for debt relief companies contacting consumers by phone, including disclosures.
  • IRS reporting requirements: Settlements for less than the full amount owed are considered taxable income.
  • Licensing requirements: Virginia requires debt settlement companies to be licensed to operate in the state.

Reputable Virginia Beach lawyers will ensure your debt relief process adheres to all relevant state and federal laws. This protects your business from potential legal issues down the road.

Questions to Ask Prospective Virginia Beach Debt Relief Lawyers

Not all lawyers are equally equipped to address business debt relief and settlement. Smart questions to ask potential lawyers include:

  • How long have you been practicing debt relief and settlement law? Look for at least 5-10 years experience.
  • How many business clients have you assisted with debt issues? Ask for examples.
  • What is your success rate in negotiating debt settlements? Aim for at least an 80% settlement rate.
  • What is your approach for dealing with aggressive creditors? Look for a strategic approach.
  • What are your fees and when are they due? Avoid large upfront-fees.
  • Are you licensed in Virginia? Confirm compliance with state regulations.

Taking time to vet lawyers thoroughly gives you the best chance of success.

Top Virginia Beach Business Debt Relief and Settlement Law Firms

If your Virginia Beach business needs effective legal debt relief, some top local law firms to consider include:

Anderson & Associates, PC

With over 25 years experience, Anderson & Associates provides both debt settlement and debt management legal services to Virginia Beach businesses. They have settled over $100 million in business debt and offer free consultations.

Ernest Law Group, PLC

Ernest Law Group works with Virginia Beach small businesses to negotiate debt settlements with creditors. They also handle related legal matters like wage garnishments, judgments and tax levies.

The Dickerson & Smith Law Group

This firm’s business and commercial law team has extensive experience with Virginia Beach business debt collection defense cases. They can help negotiate settlements and defend against lawsuits.

Jeana McMurray Law, PLC

Jeana McMurray Law provides legal services to Virginia Beach individuals and businesses, including debt settlement, creditor harassment defense and student loan debt.

UpRight Law

As one of the largest national debt relief law firms, UpRight Law has extensive experience assisting Virginia small businesses with developing customized debt relief strategies.


Dealing with overwhelming business debt is difficult, but the right Virginia Beach lawyer can help your company successfully reduce or eliminate this burden. Take time to understand debt relief and settlement options, research lawyers thoroughly, and ask smart questions to find the best legal partner. With an experienced lawyer guiding you, your business can overcome debt and continue working toward financial stability and success.

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