This is an article about the best keyword finding tools. We’ll continue updating it, as we find, and see, other keyword finding tools that we think are worth adding. Using tools like this can impressively boost your search engine traffic. If you run an SEO company, or if you’re interviewing SEO firms, you should ask them how they do their SEO research to make sure they’re on the level! Many big companies like OnDeck, PayPal Working Capital, are using these very SEO tools!

The Best Keyword Research tools

Soovle – Keywords from multiple sources

Soovle will give you keywords from Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and other places. By sourching so many amazing sources, you can find keywords your competition hasn’t even discovered yet.


Jaaxy – Thousands of related keyword ideas

Jaaxy gives you LOTS of variations, and gives you the competition, search volume, and potential traffic associated with the keywords.  They have a fascinating feature called QSR – which means Quoted Search Results, which is a metric of “how many other websites are trying to rank for this term specifically.” The lower this number, the less competition you have!


Ahrefs – Keyword ideas, and backlink data

Ahrefs is a “all around,” amazing choice. It gives you LOTS of information about keywords, ranging from SEM(PPC) data to SEO data like backlinks, traffic potential. It’s the most rounded approach to looking at keyword data. You really don’t need any other tool. The cool feature they have is “Keyword Difficulty,” where you can see if a keyword will be difficult to rank for or not.


SECockpit – Swiss Army Knife

You enter a seed keyword, you get a a list of results and data. You get a lot of search trend data, organic competition, traffic estimates, etc. It’s mainly for SEO. There sheer number of features in this tool can be overwhelming. But if you want a lot of depth, you’ll get a lot of value from this tool.


Google Keyword Planner – Plain Jaine

This is the most basic keyword research tool. The data comes straight from Google, so it’s pretty trustworthy. It’s mostly good for knowing keyword data as it pertains to traffic. The higher the commercial intent the keyword has, the more traffic, and the higher the CPC is.

Usually, keywords with a very high CPC(even with low traffic) are super difficult for SEO. – Get a lot of targeted keyword ideas

This tool will give you a massive amount of keyword suggestions. You can filter the keywords, expand, drill drown, and keep working until you find the keywords that make sense for you. One of the coolest things with this tool is that you can research and analyze your competition. Enter your competitors website, and the tool will generate a list of keywords based on their content.


Moz Keyword Tool – Find secondary and tertiary keywords

Give it a seed keyword, and it’ll give you a lot of secondary categories that you can also SEO to further generate traffic. This tool is GREAT for creating SEO silos. It’ll give you potentially long tail keywords that other tools don’t have.


Keywords Everywhere – This tool gives you search volume

This gives you keyword data on the top 10 websites, like eBay, Amazon etc. They have a nifty tool called “People Also Search For,” which gives you a list of keywords related to your main search term.


Keyword Snatcher – Get LOTS of ideas with 1 search

If you want a lot of keyword ideas, then Keyword Snatcher is amazing. Give it 1 keyword, it’ll generate 2000 keywords. Really nifty.


SEMRush – Get a lot of data, for SEO and PPC

I love using this tool to see which major keywords competitors rank for, and learn more about their overall marketing strategy. It tells you everything you need to know about your competition, the keywords that rank, etc. They even have backlink data.

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