Can a car, truck, or motorcycle accident victim get lawsuit funding?

Car, truck and motorcycle accidents are some of the most common reasons personal injury lawsuits are filed.  If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or property damage in a car accident resulting from another driver’s mistake, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to ensure you are properly represented.

Driver Negligence

Your lawyer must prove that someone else was responsible for your injuries – usually the driver of one of the vehicles.  Car, Truck and Motorcycle accidents are often lumped together and are commonly referred to as Motor Vehicle Accidents or “MVAs”.  Negligence refers to conduct that causes an unreasonable risk of harm.  A motor vehicle driver is legally negligent if he/she causes an accident by not operating his/her vehicle in a manner expected of a reasonably prudent person acting under similar circumstances.
Your lawyer needs to prove that:

  • The driver failed to conform to the standard of conduct required when operating a motor vehicle, AND
  • You suffered injuries caused by the driver’s negligent conduct.

In some circumstances, more than one party in the accident was at fault. In these cases, liability may be distributed among the negligent parties according to their percentage of fault, which is called “comparative negligence”.
It’s important to get the names and contact information of witnesses, have pictures of the damages and, most important, have a police accident report.

Money for Damages and Personal Injuries

If you are a victim, you may be able receive money for your automobile repairs, medical expenses and lost income, as well as for your physical and emotional pain and suffering.  Since most motor vehicle owners have car insurance, money from a judgment or settlement is usually paid by the insurance company.  The  extent of damage and the seriousness of the injury influences the amount of the money award for the victim. However, the insurance company representing the defendant may try to delay the suit for years, which could leave you in a financial bind in the meantime.  If you have a strong MVA case and a lawyer, a pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance may be available for you.  A cash advance on your car, truck or motorcycle accident lawsuit can help you pay living expenses until you receive money from the lawsuit.