Pre-settlement funding is a tool to survive financial hardships

Pursuing a case can be a long process, and can take months, or years, before settling. In some instances, even if you win the case – the opposing party can appeal it, and cause even more delays. While you wait for the pending lawsuit to settle, bills and living expenses start to accumulate, and you’ve still got no money in hand! Even when you’re confident you’ll get the settlement funds, it can take time to get them – which adds more stress on your personal situation. That’s where a company like Delancey Street can help! We provide pre-settlement funding, in the form of lawsuit funding. This essentially gives you a cash advance on the future compensation you’re expecting to get from your claim.

If you need money before the claim settles in order to handle your bills, and living expenses, then pre-settlement funding is a GREAT way to get cash fast.

Pre-settlement funding can provide you with the cash you need while you wait for the settlement, no matter the size. If you are unable to work, due to your accident, then it can be difficult to keep up with your living expenses. Cash from a lawsuit loan isn’t technically a loan. Many people call it a “loan,” for lack of a better term – it’s technically a cash advance.

Most companies offering pre-settlement funding give you funds as an estimated % of your final settlement. Typically, pre-settlement funding companies will give you 15-20% of the total estimated value of your final settlement.