What kind of property do hard money lenders lend on?

Hard money lenders will lend on both residential and commercial property. Many will NOT lend on owner-occupied residences, due to the laws and restrictions. Examples of commercial properties include, but are not limited to: industrial buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, offices of all sorts, etc. Some lenders may even invest in raw land, which is slated for development. Vacation homes, are considered owner occupied, and thus may not be financeable by loans.

There’s a number of benefits when it comes to loans. Bottom line, loans provide investors with a quick, and fast, way of getting funding for their next project.

  • is quick money. Instead of spending 2-3 months getting a loan, you can get a loan approved in literally days.
  • lenders are lenient, compared to traditional lenders that have stringent standards. Most lenders focus on the collateral, not your ability to repay the loan. As a result, they are able to be creative when it comes to tailoring a loan for you.
  • Flexible terms is one of the reasons many people turn to lenders. You are working with a private lender, not a massive bank – which means you can get a loan that is right for you. It means you can get a tailor made loan, unique to your situation.
  • Increased opportunities come from loans. By being able to close a deal within 5-10 days thanks to fast cash provided by , you’re able to secure deals fast.