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Whenever you hear about the NFL, you might remember your favorite team and players without thinking about the NFL franchises. The national football leagues have already reached $9 billion in revenue among other professional sports leagues.

It’s quite interesting how they manage to pull a massive stunt of reaching the first rank with $11,394 million higher than other leagues. But you should understand that the NFL business is football and it runs around the world. 

The NFL didn’t get famous in one day; it took a while before they could gather enough franchises to be prosperous. Other businesses do make billions of dollars to being the reason why you need to evaluate what made them successful as a business owner to implement the strategy in your own business. 

Here are three meaningful lessons you can learn from the NFL franchises as a business owner;

  • It helps in growing your business revenue

Minnesota Viking has already had the obstacle that’s holding their income back by moving to a new stadium. After the play the last game on their old stadium Metro dome in 2013, they decided that the size of the stadium is small, thereby hindering them from generating a lot of revenues.

Even though the team Viking was performing better than most of the teams in the league, they still found their self-ranked at the bottom of the NFL revenues. It continues as small teams like Green Packers and Kansas City Chiefs without much influence in the market surpasses them in the revenue ranking.

Even as at that, they were able to identify the issue hindering them from generating enough revenue while playing at home. Not every team deserves a need stadium, but the Vikings know that they need to get things right by getting a new stadium to boost their revenue.

You should be able to understand a lot based on the Viking story and determine what is currently holding your revenue growth. Analyze the issue to find what’s wrong with your business accurately, is its lack of equipment or lack of space around your business property like the Vikings experienced.

If you manage to move to a more convenient location, will it still be suitable for your clients as the former location? Plan a specific action toward your business revenue problem and be successful just like the Vikings did.

  • Don’t be afraid of the big franchises

You shouldn’t be scared to compete with the big franchise because the youngest team knew Houston Texans, came into the NFL and compete with the biggest franchise Dallas cowboys. They weren’t afraid and was able to make a massive impact by consistently winning off against the big team.

It’s the main reason why you shouldn’t be afraid of the big franchise but rather try as much as possible to make an impact with your business. Every business have is unique on its own, and there’s no doubt that you offer what they don’t bring the perfect opportunity for you to thrive. Identify what you have that they don’t and use it to promote your business revenue.

  • Promote your business by inviting customers

Seattle Seahawks from the NFL made a remarkable experience by allowing their fans to be among the 12th man. It’s what the Seattle Seahawks uses to impress their fans who visited the stadium to watch their performance. Due to this, they have made a massive impact in ensuring that their fans will always remain with their team.

The 12th man sequence is what they used in remembering the retirement of the number 12 jersey to their fans. It all started in 2014 when they were down to the 12th man flag which turned that to be a special day for the Seattle Seahawks. It’s the main reason why they use the retirement of the 12 jerseys to show their fans that appreciate their effort for being with them during that period.

Don’t just stand alone with your business; get your customers to involve with your daily activities. Let them contribute what they want you to implement on your business.

Always listen to their comments and reviews regarding your business service because you can only know what your customers think once you ask them.

Always thank your customers for patronizing your business with events like birthday, anniversary, and during exciting festivals. The Seattle Seahawks made the best decision my appreciating their fans which have to help them in improving their business revenue. There’s nothing more benefiting than your business fan knowing that you care for them.

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