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Nowadays, there are several companies in America which were developed by potential business owners without having to pass through the test of time due to the advancement in technology. Three companies were recorded as the oldest company to pass through the American analysis of time during the development process until the advancement of technology and follow-up of other companies.

All of the follow-up companies after the three oldest company in America learnt most of their business strategy from the history of these companies.

Here are the three oldest companies established by business owners in America that stood the test of time;

  1. Bourbon manufacturing and distribution industry

The industry was established in 17770 by Jim Beam knew as Beam Suntory. Jim Beam has already experienced the up and down in the business industry is the reason why Bourbon manufacturing have been thriving in the market place. It’s all based on Jim Beam knowledge of using new technologies to promote and expand the manufacturing company.

It was in 1820 that an adjustment in the distilling capacity of the industrial revolution by David to sell their family recipe. David Beam is the son of Jim Beam who learnt his business knowledge from his father.

David Beam improves the business by implementing the use of train and boat to ship the Bourbon to the client’s location. Due to the new improve shipping system, bar owners uses the telegraph method in communicating the company whenever they require their product. But the business needs more improvement in 1850 when Jim’s grandson David M. Beam struggled and improved the distillery near the railway lines for fast shipping service around the north and south location.

During the word war II period, the great-grandson of Jim known as Jere Beam started making new changes to the business by moving the products overseas to strengthen their companies brand and reputation. It was in 1988 that everything started walking to the peak with premium service where everything is well-handcraft and packaged.

Throughout then, the company have been moving forward in the business market until it was sold to the Japanese company known as Suntory Holdings Limited for a whopping $16 billion. Even as that, Jim Beam’s family members are still working at the company until today.

  • Publishing industry

The publishing company was established by John Charles Wiley in 1807 in Manhattan in the 19th century. With John knowing that after 200 years to come the company will venture into a global publishing powerhouse.

The company attracted the attention of famous authors like Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, and Edgar Allan Poe during its development stage. A lot of potential scripts and books that are popular today are printed from John’s publishing company which comprises of technical and scientific titles.

After several years the sons of John took over the company management willing to create new opportunities in the science and technology. Before the year 1900, the computer has been announced to be the best publisher the area of science and technology. But that didn’t stop the Companies owner from moving the business forward because they know that they could achieve more.

It didn’t take a while until 1960 when the company hits the international market and made fame globally where most of their publication is recorded in textbooks.

The company continued moving forward until 2007 when they expanded their service in publishing documents in other fields other than science and technology.

  • Women lingerie, swimsuits, and pyjamas industry (town shop)

The business was established in 1888, started by Sam Koch. Since the company have experienced a massive amount of transformation to The Women Clothing Store today.

The store was open in New York where it becomes famous among other stores. Today the business is being managed and run by the grandson of Sam Koch known as Danny Koch.

Due to the fast improvement in technology, they have even launched a quick website to allow fast business service. The store covers a wide range of 4,000 square foot with a new, improved design today.

Danny Koch started running The Women Clothing Store since 2003 after it was passed down from his grandmother Selma Koch. It’s because Selma Koch married Sam Koch, son in 1928, which she decided to venture into the business and make some improvement.

Selma Koch did a perfect job in making the business what it is today before handing it over to his grandson Danny Koch who have done an outstanding job in moving the industry forward till today.

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