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Pokemon Go has been one of the famous games across the world. It grants you access to navigate around the world through gameplay and catch Pokemon on the move.

Since the introduction of the pokemon app, it has already been downloaded by millions of users surpassing other competitors like Snapchat and Twitter.

People that haven’t used Pokemon app before have always wondered about the important of pokemon to business. You should understand that Pokemon game comprises all location, and once a user walks around the town to play a game, it attracts potential clients to your business.

Whether your business is a small or big enterprise, Pokemon Go will generally create an outstanding marketing opportunity for you. With Pokemon Go, there’s a lot of trending strategy and tips which will enlighten you properly in using pokemon to boost your sales.

Are you still confused about what Pokemon Go does for your business? Here is the right answer for you about the Pokemon Go mobile game. Pokemon Go attracts a lot of users attention around each town to collect pocket monsters or the pokemon that lies in the surrounding neighbourhood. 

Due to the competition in this game, every user wants to collect all the pokemon all to their self, thereby generating massive usage traffic to the pokemon go. 

The Pokemon Go is developed to use the GPS service I tracking the movement of each user indicating their current location as they move around. 

Inside the game lies a real map that shows the landmarks regarded as Pokestops around each town being the tool that users use in locating pokemon. All the locations in the game map are equivalent to the same area in reality.

Here are the top 3 tips for moving your business forward with the use of Pokemon Go;

You can’t just sit around observing other users enjoying the marketing benefit of pokemon Go while your business is still lacking potential clients. All that you are required to do is download the Pokemon Go game on your mobile device while learning about the best marketing strategy. You can even sign in when you are in your company to walk around your business. Being familiar with the using of Pokemon Go game is essential to increase your business sales rapidly;

  • Use Pokestop to create a promotion

The landmarks known as Pokestops enable users of the pokemon game when visited to acquire a tool that will improve their gaming experience. Due to this, almost all the landmarks location inside the game is always occupied with users being a massive benefit to you because you can easily encourage users around the landmarks to patronize your business services. What you need to do is find landmarks inside the game and create a potential promotion of your business

For example, you own a coffee shop and want to manage your business. You can create a promotion offer stating that each user that buys a coffee from your shop will get a 20% off. It’s even comfortable to develop a proper detailed direction for users to locate your shop quickly.

Even as at that, pokemon limit some special characters to be typed inside the game. So you should probably find a way to type an accessible, readable text without the use of special characters. Using a particular style used might cause your written text to be unreadable.

  • Buy lure and add around your business

As you notice that users of the pokemon go game always go around collecting pokemon. What if you can move the pokemon to appear around your business?

You can even go to the landmarks and broadcast to users that you will be setting up pokemon with the time indicated to a specific location is the location of your business. It will attract all the users from the landmarks to visit the area of your business to collect pokemon.

  • Host the hunt of pokemon

Encourage the users of the pokemon go game to hunt for pokemon around your business location. You can host a tour around your business or encourage pokemon users to automatically take a tour around your business while you share gifts at the end.

It’s a creative way of attracting customers while creating a fun impact on the game of pokemon. You can even share a coupon to your store after the initiated Pokémon hunt ends. To redeem the voucher, the user from the pokemon game will have to visit your store physically, which will bring new customers to your doorstep.

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