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Talk with enough entrepreneurs with skin in the game, and you are going to find out that the successful ones know that a customer referral is the pot of gold at the end of the marketing rainbow. Your random online traffic may not be taking your ads seriously, but when a consumer’s friends speak positively about doing business with you, your business and brand will be immediately viewed as trustworthy and awesome in the minds of this untapped segment of the consumer base. In the words of Wharton marketing professor, Jonah Berger, as reported by, “word-of-mouth buzz is ten times more effective as traditional advertising strategies.” The point taking focus here is that your business success depends on getting your existing customers to constantly talk about your company with others inside their sphere of influence. While having quality products and useful services are nice, they do not compare to what happens when customers are hooked on constantly thinking about your company in a positive light. These customers cannot say enough good things about the greatness your company exudes when engaging people they know.

The Three Keys to Awesome Business Success
When it comes to ramping up business and keeping customers coming, you have to have a proven strategy that works and with a high rate of consistency. To help your company to progress in this direction, you will need to seriously consider the three key strategies to keeping the buzz about your company alive in your customer’s minds. These strategies will move your company to the head of the pack in creating customer loyalty and building the buzz about why others should check out your company for themselves.

Customer Experience Is King
When a customer visits your establishment or website, you have to be doing it better than other businesses in your industry. Customers can sense if you are being cheap and not treating them right. They can also sense when your business has real class. An excellent customer experience goes far beyond superb customer service and giveaways to keep customers satisfied. An amazing customer experience must exceed expectations and provide real value to the customer through every avenue of communication you engage your customer through. Competent phone service, on site refreshments, useful mailing list commentary and even apps that keep your customer engaged helps to make this kind of customer experience possible.

The Wow Effect That Builds Consumer Confidence in Your Company
When developing your customer experience, the wow effect is a critical part of making the whole strategy work. Imagine being the customer and how they would feel if they walked into your car dealership. Sitting around with nothing to drink while they wait, being subject to a mostly hum-drum business atmosphere and not feeling like they are getting anywhere with negotiations will not keep customers supremely happy. You have to roll out the red carpet and appeal to your customer’s level of comfort as well as to their need to feel as if they are getting a lot of bang for their buck when they are negotiating. This is where your company has to be willing to sacrifice a little to earn a whole lot of customer loyalty and, with some skill driving your efforts, the eventual loyalty of their friends and colleagues too.

Why Customer Reviews Work
Do you remember when it was mentioned earlier how important word of mouth referrals were to your business success? Customer reviews and testimonials are like putting that process on steroids. As a company, you should have a whole segment of your business dedicated to getting your customers to leave you positive reviews and feedback that you can share with other potential customers and online traffic visiting your website. These testimonials and reviews help visitors to your website or to your bricks and mortar stores to gain some perspective on what kind of customer experience they can expect when doing business with your company. This is powerful leverage you have over those businesses who fail to provide this depth of insight to their customers. So, passing on this kind of tweak to customer experience is like shooting yourself in the foot. When potential customers learn that other people love your company, this has a psychological effect on these individuals, and it draws them in to find out what all the excitement is about. It also causes them to wonder why your customers are so incredibly loyal to your company and brand which is just enough mystery to attract them to want to know more.

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