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If you’re in SEO, you have definitely run into the phrase PageRank. Frankly, it’s probably one of the main reasons they were able to raise capital and grow the company! Many companies care immensely about their PR. High authority domains like PayPal Working Capital have huge pagerank! This article is about educating you on what PageRank is, and why it’s one of Google’s secret weapons. It’s likely that thaWhen Google first started, PageRank was discussed in research papers and technology papers because fundamentally – it’s a formula, and algorithm, for ranking content within its search engine.

Once Google made PageRank scores visible, websites started behaving improperly in order to manipulate it.

In this article you’ll learn about the following.

  1. What pagerank was
  2. What pagerank was
  3. What happened to pagerank

Definition of PageRank

PageRank (PR), is a system devised by Google founders Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, at Stanford University. It gave each webpage a relative score of importance by the evaluating quantity and quality of links pointing to it.

To summarize it, in plain language – here’s how it works. Links from website A to website B are a “vote.” No 2 votes are equal. The weight of the vote, depends on the importance of the page. The more important the page, the “more weight,” the vote gets.

In order to prevent some pages from having too much “weight,” the PageRank has a dampening factor. If you want to dig further into the math of the equation, click here.  The pagerank from years ago is not the same as it is today. Recently, Google has taken the scores away from public access, but it still remains.
What happened to Pagerank after the scores became public?
SEO companies didn’t remain ignorant, they researched the hell out of it! SEOs wanted to know how it worked, and how to manipulate it. Many of the popular tools: Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz — took the original PageRank algorithm and developed alternatives to the metric in order to create a score that SEOs can keep tracking.
How did SEOs try to manipulate PageRank?
After learning about the score, SEOs tried their best to manipulate it, and boosting it. Here’s how.
  • Pushing 1000’s of backlinks, in order to boost the quality of a page by throwing a ridiculous volume of links.
  • Creating internal links between important pages on your website in order to push SEO pagerank internally

How do Quality Backlinks help with PageRank?

Backlinks carry link juice to your webpages. The link juice has a “quality,” factor to it. It can carry “poisonous,” link juice or quality link juice. PageRank flows between pages, not domains, so it means that links from a high-authority page carry more juice than a low-quality page, even if the domain of the low quality page has a higher domain authority.

Is PageRank dead? NO

It’s been over 18 years, yet in 2017 Googles very own engineer confirmed it’s still a signal. In our opinion, it’s probably not the ONLY signal that matters, but it’s a good metric of how successful your page is at attracting links – probably, because you have a high quality landing page. Even though the score is now hidden from the public, it’s still a score that matters and is used internally by Google to rank pages.

Did PageRank accomplish it’s goal?

We believe so! Google wasn’t the first search engine. Altavista, Yahoo were on the stage, but didn’t work well. The quality of the results just wasn’t there because the results weren’t relevant. Junk results washed out any results that a used actually wanted. PageRank helped fix this by turning internet into a “link graph,” where backlinks connected websites to each other.

PageRank was inspired by how Scientists look at scientific papers

Did you know that Scientists gauge the importance of a scientific paper by seeing how many other scientific papers reference it? Sergey and Larry took this exact concept and applied it to the web, by tracking links between web pages. They took something and repurposed it to work for search engines!

Why did Google remove the public PageRank Score?

Google claims that the PageRank score became less useful to users as a metric as the internet has become more and more complex. But there’s another important reason: link spam. Because SEOs saw the score, they had an incentive to manipulate it by creating a huge volume of links.

Higher PR website charged 1000’s of dollars a month in fees to link to other websites. There was huge financial incentive to manipulate this score. By removing PageRank, it quickly made it so that SEOs could no longer “dangle,” the metaphoric carrot of PageRank when manipulting and selling backlinks.


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