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Connecticut Fix and Flip Loans

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Connecticut Fix and Flip Loans

Connecticut Fix and Flip Loans – Financing Options and Strategy

Flipping houses is one of the best businesses out there. If you know what you’re doing, it’s relatively low risk. And you can make a big chunk of change fairly quickly. As far as get rich quick strategies go, it’s not that far off.

There were over 200,000 houses flipped in 2017. That’s a validated business model if I ever saw one. It’s one that makes sense to most people too.

Basically, you buy a house that needs work at a low price. Put in some elbow grease to get it up to par with the other houses in the neighborhood, and make a huge profit by selling at market rates.

The great state of Connecticut has a lot of great deals to be had. There are a lot of ugly houses in this state, and with the appreciating value of most real estate in this area, you can be sure you’ll find a buyer in no time once it’s been nicely renovated.

The other great thing about this business is that you don’t need a lot of capital to start with. In fact, you can finance the entire project without using any of your own cash.

Before I go into financing strategies for getting a fix and flip loan, let me lay out some of the costs.

You’re going to get a mortgage to buy the home. But for real estate investments like these where the house you are buying is not for a primary residence, in other words: you’re not buying it to live in yourself, they will require at a minimum 20% down, sometimes more.

That means if you’re looking at a property for $50,000, you’ll need at least $10,000 cash as a down payment. But that’s not it. You’ll need cash for other things too.

You’ll need to pay for home insurance. You’ll also need to pay any home owners association fees if there are any. You’ll also need to pay some kid to come cut the grass every now and then too.

On top of that, the next biggest cash requirement besides the down payment will be renovation costs. You’ll want to do a detailed estimate of the renovations you want to make, then add a cash buffer in case of cost overruns.

So now that you know you need some cash upfront, here are some ways to get that cash from other people.

Wealthy Investors
There are a lot of rich people out there who sees the value of flipping houses as an investment, but don’t want to put in the work. And don’t be deceived, flipping houses is a ton of work.

In order to get their money, you need to do a lot of research and groundwork first. Find the house you want to flip. Get the address, information about the neighborhood and data on comparable houses in the area and what they sold for. Also get the going market rates for price per square footage.

Then analyze the renovation needs and get cost estimates from at least 3 contractors. Do an analysis on how those renovations will increase the market price of the house as well.

When you put the deal together to pitch, it may look something like this.

You find a house for $40,000 in a neighborhood that is being gentrified. That means you’ll need $8,000 to start for the down payment.

It’s in bad shape. You do the legwork and find out you’ll need at least $10,000 of work put into it to get it sell-able at market rates.

You budget in the other various costs that comes out to about $2,000. Total, you’re going to ask the investor for $20,000. As an example, you can agree to a loan at 10% interest or split the profits in half.

You find that it’s an up and coming neighborhood near the thriving downtown area and that comparable houses are going for about $120,000. Once you’re done with the renovations, you’re going to sell the house for that much.

That means after you’ve done the renovations and paid back the mortgage, you have a profit of $60,000. In the case of the 10% interest loan, you simply pay the investor back the $20,000 plus $2,000 for interest which is $22,000.

In the case of the profit sharing model, you give him half of your $60,000 profit which is #30,000.

Financing Partner
Finance partners work in a very similar way, but they do this as a business vs. it being an individual investor. Companies like Delancey Street specialize in helping house flippers with their upfront cash needs.

The advantage to these companies is that they will have standard agreements whether it’s a loan or an investment situation where they share the risk. The other great thing about it is they are easier to find.

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