Hawaii Fix and Flip Loans

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Hawaii has one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States. Thousands of people are looking for investment properties in the state. Hawaii has traditionally been more expensive than other states. When the economy expands, real estate prices increase rapidly in Hawaii. As a result, it is an excellent state for people who want to make money investing in real estate.

Fixing and flipping a house is a standard real estate strategy. This strategy requires people to purchase a home in need of repairs. After quickly repairing the home, it is sold to another buyer. It is not uncommon for investors to make tens of thousands of dollars on a single transaction. However, numerous issues can arise during the flipping process. Some people do not realize all of the potential problems of flipping a house.

Construction Issues

Purchasing a foreclosed home is an excellent way to secure a deal at a reduced price. However, many of these homes have structural problems that must be corrected. Due to the competitive market, investors have to make a quick offer to secure a home. Some people buy a house without realizing all of the repairs that will be required.

It is also difficult to get a home repaired quickly. Many construction companies struggle with the volume of work needed from customers. It is not uncommon for customers to wait months before having a construction project completed.


Another issue with fixing and flipping a home is securing financing. These real estate deals are inherently risky. Many traditional banks are not willing to lend large sums of money to real estate investors.

The good news for investors is that there are plenty of other financing options. Online lending is a growing sector of the industry. Fundera is a company that has helped dozens of clients purchase a home in Hawaii. The company operates as an online bank. Although the interest rates are higher than traditional banks, Fundera still offers excellent lending options for customers to choose. Anyone who wants to purchase a home in Hawaii should consider using this company.


When fixing and flipping a home, one of the best ways to make money is to upgrade the house. Many repairs do not cost a lot of money. For example, changing all of the ceiling fans is a quick way to improve how a home looks.

It is vital for investors to understand the local market before making upgrades. Hawaii has a unique real estate market, and updates that are popular in other states are not necessarily preferred in Hawaii.

Selling the House

After making any necessary repairs and upgrades, it is time for the investor to sell the house. Working with a traditional real estate agent can be expensive. Agents generally require a seller to pay thousands of dollars in selling fees. Some investors opt to sell a home by themselves. This is a risky strategy that can quickly backfire if the house does not sell soon. Most investors feel like paying a professional to assist in selling a home is the best decision.

Even though the real estate market in Hawaii is strong, home sellers can maximize their profits by selling a home in pristine condition. If a house is priced correctly, it is not uncommon for sellers to receive multiple offers above asking price.


Fixing and flipping a home is not for people who want to make easy money. Instead, it is for people who are willing and able to work hard. Working with an online lending company is an excellent way to get capital for any real estate project.

New Commercial Construction Loans in Hawaii
Sometimes business owners want to expand to meet the demands of their successful business. There are some business owners who want to build their own office so that they don’t have to pay rent, and there are others who own their office space and would like to make renovations to their current space. While expanding your business is sometimes necessary, it can be a costly project. Most commercial construction and renovation projects cost thousands to millions of dollars to complete, and there are few business owners with the funds to pay for this up-front.

A commercial construction loan may be an ideal option for business owners who want to expand. Before a borrower takes out a loan, it is important to have a grasp of the terms and conditions it has to offer.

What is a Commercial Construction Loan?
A commercial construction loan is for business owners who want to expand their existing property through renovations or constructing a new building. Those who want to purchase an existing property will need to apply for a commercial mortgage.

The funds from a commercial construction loan can be used to pay for property, labor, materials, and other expenses. They differ from other loans in several ways. With traditional loans, borrowers will be issued the total amount of the loan in one payment. When the borrower has received the funds, he or she is then responsible for paying back the loan.

With commercial construction loans, business owners will not receive the full amount of the loan in one payment. Instead, partial amounts of the loan are disbursed throughout the construction or renovation project. When a borrower takes out a commercial construction loan, he or she will meet with the lender to create a draw schedule.

A draw schedule will set milestones throughout the project. When each milestone is completed, the funds will be disbursed to the borrower. For instance, the first draw could be when the land is cleared, and the second draw may be when the foundation has been poured. To ensure that the work has been completed, lenders will probably send someone to inspect the property. This cycle will continue until the project is complete.

Borrowers are only responsible for paying on the interest of the amount that has been disbursed. For example, if a borrower took out a commercial construction loan for $500,000, and he or she has only received $100,000 of the total amount, then the borrower will only need to pay interest on $100,000.

How is the loan paid off? When the project is finished, borrowers can pay off the remaining interest, principle, and fees in one balloon payment. While this may be suitable for some, others choose to take out a commercial mortgage. The newly renovated property or new building will be used as collateral. The funds from the commercial mortgage will be used to pay the balance of the commercial construction loan.

What About Interest Rates, Fees, and Down Payments?
Interest rates for commercial construction loans in Hawaii typically range from 4% to 12%. There are also fees that may be included with the terms of the loan that include:

  • Processing fees;
  • Guarantee fees;
  • Fund control fees;
  • Project review fees.

A commercial construction loan is considered high-risk, so lenders typically want a down payment. In most cases, the down payment for a commercial construction loan will be between 10% to 30% of the total project cost.

Would you like further details about new commercial construction loans in Hawaii? We invite you to contact us at Delancey Street. Our team of experts are ready to provide you with additional information about new commercial construction loans.

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