Washington Fix and Flip Loans

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Washington Fix and Flip Loans
Fixing and flipping projects have gained in popularity due to the high profits they make. Whether you are a beginner or a new flipper, there is a loan for you to use for financing your project. Here are six fix and flip loans.

1. Friends or Family Loans
Whether you are a beginner or experienced flipper and you have friends, family, or acquaintances who are willing to put their money in real estate, you can get a loan from them. Personal connections are a perfect way of getting financing for your fix and flip business. Your mother or sister could end up lending you the money that you need for your business. The benefit of getting a loan from your friends and family is that you might get a low or zero-interest loan. However, ensure that before getting the loan, the terms are done in writing. Specify the interest as well as the payback period. This written document will protect both of you.
2. Get a Financing Partner
Many flippers can determine an ideal flipping opportunity, but fail to get the money to accomplish their project. Hence, getting a partner would be beneficial to such a flipper. Partners can share tasks like supplying the financing, getting the flipping opportunity, and scheduling and managing the renovation. Profits are shared depending on the effort of each partner. Normally, the partner provides the funds while you find the flipping opportunity and oversee the operations. You can use one partner for many projects or various partners for different projects.
3. Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Loan
Another popular option for a fix and flip loan is to leverage the equity in your home. This will only work if you own a home. A home equity line of credit or home equity loan can offer you funds for flipping your project. The benefit of this source of funding is that you only pay interest on the money used. While a loan refers to a lump sum amount, a line of credit allows you to borrow until you reach a limit.
4. 401(K) Financing
In case you have plenty of retirement savings in the form of Solo 401(K) or employer 401 (K), you can access this form of funding. You can withdraw or take a loan from your 401 (K) account. But if you are approaching retirement age, these options are bad for you. When it comes to younger flippers, this method is worthwhile if the risks are outweighed by the reward. The majority of employer 401 (k) accounts allow you to take a loan of up to $50,000, or half of the account balance, whichever is less. Solo 401(k) accounts for self-employed people let you take a loan of up to $50,000. You will pay loan interest, which will go back to your retirement savings.
5. Personal Loan
A personal loan that is unsecured is a flexible source of funds. Similar to personal loans for business, when you borrow a personal loan, you can utilize the funds for anything, including a fix and flip project. Qualifying for a personal loan needs you to have a credit score of over 650. However, personal loans attract interest rates of as low as 5 percent. The loan can be repaid on a monthly basis for a period of three to seven years. But the loan amount is relatively small, with a maximum of $50,000. Hence, you will require combining a personal loan with other loan options to fund your fix and flip.
6. Seller Financing
This is also called owner financing and refers to the situation where the home seller loans you the money. Many homeowners want quick cash from the sale of their homes. For this reason, most of them are willing to finance your project so that they can also get their sale quickly. Normally, the flipper will make interest-only payments till the property is sold and the loan can be repaid in lump sum. Similar to partner financing, you must have the loan terms in writing.

As you acquire a loan for your fix and flip project, ensure that the project will be profitable. Do your due diligence so that you flip a house that will quickly sell at a price that will make you profits after covering the loan.

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