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Everybody loves a photo booth. These timeless capsules have been the start of many romances, many souvenirs, and a frequent repository of laughter and goofy faces. Technicians in our company have worked hard to put a new face on the timeless product of a photo booth. The photograph kiosks we manufacture are capable of taking photos to dispense immediately. They can also upload those same photos instantly to social media platforms. This allows our customers to enjoy both holding a physical photo and broadcasting their photo to all their friends around the world. We are the only company currently manufacturing kiosks that provide both physical and internet photographic service. Our Print Mates kiosks are great to install anywhere.

All of our Kiosks have an HD Pro Camera installed inside of them. This camera can take high quality pictures for customers to view, hold, and share worldwide. The kiosks accept cash, credit, and debit cards. Consumers can make their photos personal too by adding graphics to their photographs. Each Kiosk also has remote wireless machine monitoring, integrated LED lighting, dual eye sublimation printers, an integrated broadband router, full metal construction, complete customization, and a 27 inch touch screen to give consumers a perfect view of their photos. Truly, we have thought of every possible thing to place inside of an Print Mates photo booth.

You will be able to customize each Print Mates kiosk you purchase. For example, you can place a business logo or advertisement on the front of your InstaPics booth. You can also add your personal logo to the graphic frames that will surround the photos that are launched onto social media. Your personal graphic frame will also appear on the printed photos to remind consumers about your business when they place their photo on their desk or wall. The touchscreen can also be customized for your local establishment. Allow your customers to take the perfect “selfie” with your business in the background at all times!

InstaPics kiosks work great in high traffic locations. Everyone will notice the stunning design of your kiosk and wish to step inside for a peek and picture. When they enter, consumers will be able to pick from six different frames for their upcoming photo.
After the picture is captured, the consumers themselves can print the picture and share it to Facebook, Instagram, or even email it to themselves.

The great hidden benefit of Print Mates kiosks is that they can actually double as a mini photo developing center. Anyone can take a photo on their smart phone and upload it to Instagram. Once a photo is on Instagrm, any Print Mates kiosks located in the United States, or the world can access it and print the picture. Friends can share physical pictures of each other instantly from all the way across the world! Truly, our Print Mates kiosks takes the old fashioned photo booth idea and runs it into deep into the 21st century.

Understand that social media is the force that is driving much of the photography industry. Over 250 million photos are uploaded daily to social media platforms. People yearn greatly to not only take pictures but also share them with the world through the internet. Our Print Mates kiosks tap into this current desire by granting photograph sharing for everyone.

You can locate these Print Mates kiosks anywhere. They work great at different retailers, universities, tourist venues, bars, clubs, hotels, motels, theme parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, cruise ships, movie theaters, restaurants, airports, train stations, and more! Consumers get the instant gratification of a physical photo of their friends and where they were. They can place this physical photo on a refrigerator, bulletin board, or anywhere. They can then share their experience a second time on social media.

Print Mates is a wonderful new resource that gives you income from the kiosk and additional foot traffic inside your establishment. Our kiosks will deliver perfect prints to your customers, advertise your personal brand, fit seamlessly into your current location, and help you harness social media to your advantage. Contact our company to learn more about how you can have an Print Mates kiosks installed in your business today.

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