Connecticut Photo Booth Franchise Opportunities

Print Mates photobooths are gateways between the present and the future. Every day, people from all generations constantly snap pictures to upload to their social media sites and to share with friends. The more quickly they’re able to stream these pictures to an audience, the better. While cell phones and the like are major avenues for moving these pictures along their path, Print Mates photobooths help people to capture the memories in a more vivid manner. After all, cell service doesn’t work everywhere. From the areas outside virtually outside of Manhattan to the pathways to Massachusetts and Long Island, several Connecticut locales are particularly attractive spots for an Print Mates photobooth.

Near the Water
Most people have struggled with the aggravation of trying to get cell phone service while relaxing on the beach or waiting for the ferry to arrive. Individuals who are on their way over to Long Island by boat or who are checking out some of the shoreline attractions in Mystic can still chronicle their steps and share them with friends. Whether they take selfies with a beautiful blue sky in the background or a sea creature photobombing the picture, Print Mates photobooths are sure to act as a channel of entertainment.

Land, Sea and Aviary Creatures
Connecticut is home to some beautiful beachfront areas, but it also opens its arms to individuals looking to get more in-touch with nature. The Beardsley Zoo and various farms open to visitors provide excellent opportunities to learn more about different species. Snapping a photo with a new species of taking a picture with animals who have been beloved for years allow individuals to capture these moments. When visitors get the chance to capture a photo of their favorite animal, they will have memories with them to last for a lifetime.

Active Journeys and Athletic Pursuits
People who visit Connecticut often have a love for the outdoors as there is so much to offer in this state. They might like to participate in water sports along one of the many shore areas, or they may wish to check out a summer camp made especially for adults in Kent. Holding a camera and trying to participate in an athletic activity is a challenging feat for even the most nimble of individuals. However, an Print Mates photobooth allows them to detail their journey to learn a new skill or to enhance one that they already have.

Wine Trails
Some like to get out a lot of their athletic energy when they go on trips, and others prefer to sip blends of their favorite wines. For those in the latter group, pictures are a part of the trip. However, with so many different wineries to explore, putting a location tag on specific photos later on can be difficult to do. Whether these travelers are on the western end or the eastern end, they can snap a selfie at one of their favorite wineries with a glass in hand ready to enjoy what the grapes of Connecticut have to offer.

Living History
When people explore historical attractions, they are not only making their own imprints on history, but they are traveling back in time to moments that happened long ago. By infusing this ultra modern hint of InstraPics with the voices of the past, individuals are able to blend together their two worlds. Furthermore, as people journey from one time in the past to the next, they can have a detailed guide to their adventure. Some of the historical spots in the state include the Henry Whitfield State Museum and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum, where visitors can really learn about the past.

Why Print Mates Photobooths
So far, many of the benefits have focused on the visitors to the spots, but these photobooths also have benefits for the businesses that purchase them. When people take pictures and upload them to their social media sites, hundreds, if not thousands, of other individuals are able to see the photos within a matter of seconds. Therefore, Print Mates photobooths provide a major marketing angle that businesses in the 21st century need to explore. Essentially, customers are helping to advertise the business, landmark or location to their family members and friends when they upload their photos.

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