Illinois Photo Booth Franchise Opportunities

Whether you are a resident of the Windy City or you are someone who is simply enjoying the flat rural beauty of southern Illinois, you know that an Illinois party is something to remember. Perhaps you are a location that is known for hosting family reunions, or maybe you find yourself working with a wedding venue or a concert hall. No matter what you are doing or what kind of celebration you are planning, your Illinois event stands in desperate need of a Print Mates photobooth kiosk!

Though people often have mixed feelings about selfies, it is clear that they are hear to stay. They allow us to document a moment in time, whether it is one that we have on our own or one that is shared with friends, and they are a wonderful way to carry a little piece of the past forward into the future with us. The only problem is that so often, they are in such poor quality!

When you want to capture a moment of fun, of whimsy, of beauty or of delight, you need to consider what hiring an Print Mates photobooth can do for you. This is the world’s first completely unmanned photobooth, and it takes a concept that came straight out of the 1920s into the twenty-first century. This beautiful machine has two amazing functions, and it offers you a way to capture every moment that you can’t bear to leave behind.

With the Print Mates photobooth kiosk, you can use cash or credit/debit cards to pay for the experience. Th first function is very much like a normal photobooth, where you can simply select a frame or background and take pictures of you and your friends like this. Make faces, kiss each other or just goof around until you get the pictures that you love.

At that point, you can print out the pictures and have a fantastic memento to carry forward. However, that is not all! In addition to having the ability to take pictures right there, the photobooth also allows your guests to print out pictures that they take on their phone. Digital photos are very nice, but there is something beyond special about having a real copy to hold in your hands and to share.

The Print Mates photobooth is something that that brings a high-class touch of fun to your venue. This is no ancient photobooth, creaky and dull. Instead, it is a high-tech wonder that is easy to clean and that hooks up to wireless devices with great ease. The integrated LED lighting ensures that every picture will be crystal clear and perfect, and the dual dye sublimation printers create images that will last a lifetime. The full metal construction means that it will be a remarkably easy machine to clean, and you will discover that maintenance for this kiosk is a breeze.

Essentially, when you host events that people want to remember, the Print Mates kiosk is exactly what you need. It stands unobtrusively in the corner until people notice it, and then you will notice a flurry of activity as the device gets mobbed! Whether you are holding a wedding, a dance event or a concert, there will be people who love having their pictures taken there, and the photobooth gives them a professional experience with it.

Think about the events that you hold, and think about the people who attend them. Can’t you see them walking away with beautiful and hilarious pictures of themselves and their friends? Can’t you see people running to the kiosk with their phones, eager to get printed pictures of the things that they have taken on their own phones?

There is so much to see, to capture and to remember that an Print Mates kiosk is a natural choice for your venue. Consider how your Illinois events go, and remember that sometimes, the opportunity to capture a moment can make a moment even more special. What kind of events do you run, and how can the right photobooth boost your appeal?

Choose Print Mates as you look forward to an amazing series of events in the coming year. When you can help your guests find ways to capture their precious moments, you’ll see an impressive cash flow coming your way!

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