Iowa Photo Booth Franchise Opportunities

Iowa Photobooths for Sale

It’s no secret that customization and personalization wield plenty of power when searching for traffic building ideas as part of a long-range marketing plan. To sell photobooths to commercial interests in Iowa, it helps to tailor your efforts to the state’s resources. Build an action plan that convinces retailers to install Print Mates Kiosks and show them how these units can help them build loyalty, make money and take advantage of today’s social media phenomenon. The secret to success? Be clever and creative. Use Iowa’s Department of Economic Development (DED) as your unpaid partner to achieve Print Mates Kiosk sales and placement goals.

1. Hit the links. According to the DED, Iowa surpasses every other state in the union in per capita golf courses, so if you’re looking for virgin marketing territory, think about launching a campaign to put Print Mates Kiosks into every golf facility and clubhouse in the state. You won’t find more concentrated epicenters of victory and defeat than golf courses, so having the ability to download customized selfies at output stations emblazoned with club logos makes a unique revenue source and a way golfers can commemorate their wins, tournaments, league play and team outings.

2. Sail a River. Target clubs, restaurants, entertainment venues and public gathering places along the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers to develop a network of photo booth connections that enhance vacation experiences of tourists traveling these popular waterways. Riverboat casinos, restaurants on shore and tourist attractions are ideal venues for installing Print Mates Kiosks because they take just a few square feet of space. Additionally, these self-service kiosks deliver immediate gratification: travelers capture fun experiences with their cameras on the fly and then download souvenir photos onsite. Sell multiple, personalized units and build brand recognition that can endear travelers to businesses savvy enough to place output devices where tourists are sure to use them. Further, the high-res quality of images produced by these kiosks will impress.

3. Target a College. Iowa’s three state universities have excellent reputations, high standards and student ACT and SAT scores that rank among the top five in the U.S., so demand for admission to Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa is strong and competitive. If you’re looking for concentrated territory for the placement of Print Mates Kiosks, choose a campus and make sales history simply by focusing on venues students frequent and using college logo imprints to tie the kiosks to the school brand. Pubs, bookstores, boutiques and malls are just a few of the off-campus locations appealing to students, but don’t limit your sales calls to community businesses. Approach campus facility managers to see if you can’t cut a sales deal with them as well.

4. Follow the Troops. Young men and women enlisting in the military could find themselves attached to bases scattered across the state of Iowa and if you have a large concentration of military, you’re going to find plenty of area recreational institutions that draw crowds when soldiers aren’t on duty. Do a little legwork to ascertain what support services, business and organizations (e.g., VFW halls) are in close proximity to Camp Dodge in Johnston, Fort Des Moines (built in 1843) and the Iowa Army Plant in Des Moines County near the city of Burlington. Snapping and distributing photos via the standard social media circuit will always be a popular way to exchange memories, but nothing surpasses displaying high-resolution photos output from Print Mates Kiosks around one’s barracks and work stations in addition to sending home reassuring snaps to loved ones.

5. Mall Fever. If ever there was a concentrated venue of humanity—and in particular, social media users who couldn’t imagine a world without a smart phone, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest—it’s the Iowa mall scene. Depending upon how an economy holds in various Iowa communities, a network of 16 malls can be tapped for installation of Print Mates Kiosks, opening a world of possibilities to whomever can seal all or part of this mega-deal. To get started, sleuth out data on Ashbury Plaza, Coral Ridge, Crossroads Center, HUB Tower, Jordan Creek Town Center, Kennedy, Lindale, Merle Hay, North Grand, Northpark, Old Capitol, Southern Hills, Southridge, Valley West and both locations of Westdale Mall. Use it to find mall development companies who have the decision-making power and budget to contract for kiosks onsite.

6. Fly to Sales Nirvana. There are seven major airports in the state of Iowa and so many smaller municipal airports within the state’s borders, their number might surprise you. From tiny landing strips with zero amenities to sophisticated international terminals, your Iowa photobooth sales mission could be bold enough to include the placement of multiple selfie stations on premises if you simply focus on metro airports. Passengers are captive audiences when constrained to concourses and once shops are plundered, outputting photos at Print Mates Kiosks could delight travelers and produce big profits for you. Like the idea of transportation hubs? Add Iowa bus and train terminals to your pitch list when you set out to build your sales and unit placement empire.

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