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You may be considering buying one of the Kentucky photobooths for sale and install it in your business. However, you should know that not all photobooths are the same. Most of the basic ones just let the user take photos of themselves and print them, but the Print Mates kiosk is different and goes beyond simply taking pictures and printing them. In fact, the Print Mates kiosk lets users take pictures and then share them through various social media services, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The user can also take a selfie and send it to their friends by email or through SMS. Finally, Print Mates lets people print out photos from Instagram.

Why Social Media Integration is so Important

If you’re thinking of getting a photo kiosk set up in your place of business, you should know just how important it would be to get one that supports social features. While a few users may only want to take and print a couple of photos, many others would like to share their selfies through social media.

Photo sharing through social networking sites is very popular. Facebook currently has 1.2 billion active users and over 350 million photos are uploaded by users every single day. This makes it the most popular and active social media site in the world. In addition to Facebook, many users upload their photos to Twitter as well, which has more than 645 million active user accounts. An average of 58 million Tweets are sent each day.

But when it comes to photo sharing, Instagram is definitely the most popular social network. Over 20 billion photos have already been uploaded to the service by Instagram’s 200 million users. Each day, more than 60 million photos are uploaded to the service.

As you can see, social media is continuing to play a very important role in our lives. By letting your customers upload pictures to various social networking sites, you could at the same time help promote your business through branding.

Get Your Own Custom Branded Print Mates Booth

One of the main reasons why you should choose Print Mates as a photo kiosk for your business in Kentucky is because the kiosk can easily be customized and branded, thus making it unique to your business. You can customize the user interface screens with your own logos and artworks, plus add your brand logo to the front panel. Finally, you can customize the frames of pictures taken, as well as the Instagram photos printed out, by adding your message or logo to them.

Adding your custom branding to pictures that are going to be shared through social media is an excellent way to create some brand awareness for your business. Remember that photos uploaded to social media sites, especially by active and popular users, are often seen and shared thousands of times. If your company’s logo is on the frame, this means that your brand will receive thousands of impressions for free. Basically, the Print Mates booth is a way to get users to do your brand marketing for you. This is why it could be suitable for various types of businesses, such as restaurants, bars/clubs, hotels, theme parks, shopping malls, casinos, retail stores and more.

How the Print Mates Kiosk Works

The Print Mates kiosk is very easy to figure out how to use, which is why so many business owners in Kentucky have already expressed a great deal of interest in it. The kiosk is fully automated and doesn’t require an attendant. It already comes equipped with an HD Pro Camera, plus equipment that accepts cash and credit card payments. The kiosk uses dye sublimation printers to create beautiful 4×6 photos that will last numerous years. It has built-in LED lighting, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

Set up and maintenance of the kiosk is very easy. In fact, you can remotely monitor your photo kiosk sales and the software is made in a way that allows easy online updates. Therefore, your kiosk won’t become obsolete if there is a new online service that is released, or if social media sites change the way they handle photo sharing.

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