Montana Photo Booth Franchise Opportunities

Starting a photo booth business can be lucrative and rewarding. The age of the “Selfie” is here, and instant sharing, intuitive smartphones and social media makes it easy for anyone to mug for the camera and share it with the world. There has never been a better time to take advantage of this craze and make a profit in the process. Understanding the pros and cons of operating a photo booth business will help you to make the right new business decision.

Traditional Photo Booths

The concept of photo booths is not new. These booths have been around for ages, gracing the corridors of shopping malls and the vestibules of movie theaters for decades. The photo booth has always been a lucrative business, as people of all ages love to see themselves immortalized on film. As photography progressed, so did the photo booth. Now photo booths use digital photography, eliminating the need for frequent film replacements.

There was still another drawback when it came to the photo booth business. For the most part, these heavy booths were meant to be stationery, and if you got a bad location, you were stuck until you found another location. Then you had to haul this machine, which often weighed a ton to your new location, cross your fingers and hope for sales. With new photo booth technology, you can purchase a lightweight booth that makes it easy for you to set it up at events or at one location.

The Rise of Social Media

Another of the drawbacks of the traditional photo booth was that it was almost impossible to share your photos easily with friends. The traditional photo booth simply spit out a printed picture, and instantly sharing this picture with your 500 Facebook friends was not possible.

The solution? A social photo booth that would allow users to instantly share their snaps with their closest friends on all of their social media sites. With the increasing popularity of photo sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest, the social photo booth is long overdue. The concept is brand new and there are still few competitors on the market, making it the perfect opportunity to capitalize on both the “selfie” and social media crazes.

The Photo Booth Business

Photo booths are excellent investments and can bring in healthy returns. Kiosk-style photo booths attract attention in any location, from movie theaters to shopping malls and restaurants. Place your booth in a local diner and customers will snap selfies while they wait for their food. Amusement places like arcades are ideal for photo booths and will attract attention and bring in huge profits. Locate your booth at summer festivals, outdoor concerts or sporting events to take advantage of crowds of people who want to capture memories.

Social photo booths can also be used for dual purposes. If you run an event planning company, there is no better way to advertise your services while also generating a profit. Custom branding makes it possible to create an instant advertisement with your booth. Collect emails and use them for promotional purposes and lead generation. If you set up your social photo booth kiosk at a wedding reception, you will be placing it in front of hundreds of potential clients that may be planning their own special events.

The “Selfie” is the new party favor, as people will toss a pack of Jordan almonds in the trash, but will hold onto their photo forever. Print Mates offers the best of social media photo technology with a lightweight and easy to set up kiosk that works for you. Your kiosk will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, generating profits with little to no maintenance. Using an HD pro camera, the kiosk can snap shots quickly and print them onto high quality, long-lasting paper.

With an integrated broadband router, your customers can upload their photos and videos in a flash. Best of all, the slim design of the Print Mates kiosk means that it takes up little room, making it ideal even for small spaces.

When it comes to starting a photo booth business in Montana, get in on the “selfie” craze and earn huge profits for your own Print Mates kiosk.

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